Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CIS Top 10 Rankings: UNB Climbs to #2

The CIS released its Top 10 Rankings today. UNB climbed up to #2 after UQTR was upset by Ottawa, dropping them to #3.
There were 4 teams from the AUS to crack the top 10.

January 27, 2009

1. Alberta (17-2-1)
2. UNB (16-2-3)
3. UQTR (19-2-1)
4. Saskatchewan
5. Lakehead (16-4-2)
6. Wilfrid Laurier (17-4-1)
7. Moncton (13-5-2)
8. Saint Mary's (15-7)
9. Western Ontario (16-5-1)
10. StFX (11-8-2)

The official CIS release can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

It's about time! Thanks for providing a place for all us VReds fans to follow the team. Looking forward to contributing.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the VReds were finally able to move into the #2 position in the rankings. If... sorry, when they win the AUS this ranking basically guarantees that they're in the opposite pool to Alberta at Nationals. Myself, I'd rather face the Golden Bears in the finals as opposed to some time during the round robin.

Good luck tonight guys!

Anonymous said...

Hard to say how the pool will look, but there's a good chance you gotta go through Alberta anyway to win it all. Guess it doesn't really matter.

But I really hope they win the AUS, who knows maybe they can still get #1?

Anonymous said...

I agree, but I'm sure Lakehead will try and place UNB and UoA in the afternoon pool along with the OUA Loser. This leaves Lakehead, OUA #1 and SMU in the night Pool. The pools should be UNB, LKD and OUA #1 and ALB, SMU and OUA#2 (the OUA #1/#2 would flip depend on whether LKD wins the OUA or not). If I was LKD, I wouldn't want either UNB or ALB in my pool. E.