Friday, January 30, 2009

Huskies Score Late Power Play Goal to Top Reds

UNB showed some poise in coming back from a 2-0 deficit early, but a late power play goal in the 3rd period gave the Huskies the win. They V-Reds had enough chances to win this game and certainly played well, but failed to capitalize on the power play, going 1 for 7. SMU didn't, and scored a few pretty even strength goals too. Shots were 38-22 in favour of UNB, but scoring chances were probably a bit closer than that suggests. The loss leaves the Reds 5 points up on the Huskies with 5 games remaining.

The Reds will have to shake that one off quick, they visit the StFX tomorrow night. The game will be available on CHSR.


Anonymous said...

IMO, UNB is facing a must win game tomorrow night. After tonight's loss, they need 6 points in their remaining 5 games to clinch 1st place, that's providing that SMU & Moncton win all of their remaining games. With only 2 of those games being at home, one of which is against SMU, UNB needs to find a way to win on the road against some pretty tough competition.

Anonymous said...

5 points is a lot of ground to give up in 5 games, but yeah, UNB would do itself a big favor winning a few games on the road against the better teams.

That game vs SMU next week will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that you can give up 5 goals against SMU and win... unless of course Verge is totally off his game. I'm not blaming Yeomans for the loss but the team as a whole has to play better and much smarter hockey against the top teams in this league... especially with the playoffs being right around the corner. They also have to find what it takes to win the big games on the road... home ice advantage throughout the playoffs is not yet guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

I think they'll be fine...they didn't win, but they easily could have if SMU didn't makes some perfect shots or UNB didn't get nailed with an iffy penalty late. Most nights UNB probably scores a few more goals on those chances.

Hey we went 6-0 vs those guys last year and they're way too good for that record. UNB probably should have lost a few of those so maybe the luck's just going the other way.

The only worry now is if SMU is getting in their heads.

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm worried about too... UNB has to find a way to win, and win big, when they play SMU at the AUC next weekend. Otherwise, playoffs or not, SMU will have all the confidence in the world coming into our rink. It's bad enough they already won their first game on our home ice.

Actually, I'm just as worried about Moncton... they've got a pretty easy schedule the rest of the way.

A best of 5 semi-final certainly helps the top 2 teams, but honestly, I'd hate to have to face either SMU or Moncton in the second round of the playoffs. I'd much rather face one of the 3 remaining teams and let SMU & Moncton beat one another up. Any way, it should make for some great hockey.

The nice thing about it is that it's UNBs to lose... they're definitely in control of their own destiny.