Thursday, January 29, 2009

UNB vs The Saints

Anyone else notice UNB will have played 5 games vs the AUS "Saints" by next Sunday? It began with St. Thomas Wednesday night, continues with Saint Mary's on Friday, St. Francis Xavier X-Men on Saturday, and wraps up with home games vs SMU and St. FX next weekend. Must have been fun when UNB was known as the "Red Devils", the headlines write themselves.

This will be a good measuring stick for UNB. They are 0-2 so far in the regular season vs. SMU, losing 4-3 in OT back on November 2nd, and 4-2 in the following week. SMU has lost only 1 game on home ice this year, to StFX. Here's an interesting stat - through 22 games this season, UNB has only been outshot 1 time...that 4-2 loss to SMU on Nov 8. Shots were 25/28 that night.

You can listen to the game on CHSR or buy the web-feed from

Go Reds!

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