Monday, February 16, 2009

And Now We Wait...

The playoffs officially start this Wednesday night, but UNB fans will have to wait another week until at least the 25th of February for their first post-season action. Hopefully that gives the team time to recover after a brutal stretch that saw them play 17 games in 6 weeks. Great for hockey fans, bad for hockey teams.

Speaking of hockey fans, it’s funny how much hockey fans love statistics. If they incorporated AUS sports into university statistics classes, or used Pro-Line situations as examples, class marks would soar. Here’s a few odd bits of statistical information on the V-Reds’ 2008-09 season people probably wouldn’t have expected back in September:

- Only 1 player was -minus on the season (Alex Aldred, -5)
- UNB had the top 5 players in the plus/minus category, and 8 of the top 10
- UNB led the AUS in plus/minus at +67, SMU came 2nd at + 45
- UNB led the AUS in shots and shots per game at 1107 shots and 39.54 shots/game.
- UNB was out-shot only once this season (vs. SMU Nov. 8)
- UNB scored 2 goals less this year (134) than it did last year, and allowed 8 goals more against (67)
- Only 1 skater failed to record a goal in regular season play (Rob Pearce, who was injured most of the 2nd half, though he scored several in exhibition games)
- Statistically, the biggest point gainers this season were Kevin Henderson (5g, 10a, 15pts, -1 in 2008 vs. 19g, 31a, 50pts, +31 in 2009) and Luke Gallant (4g, 7a, 11pts, +12 in 2008 vs 2g, 16a, 18 ts, +26 in 2009)
- UNB ranked a surprising 6th in the AUS in Penalty-Kill percentage at .794
- UNB took the fewest number of penalties in the AUS this season (though had slightly more PIM’s than Acadia).

The penalty kill is probably the one area we'd like to see the team tighten up on. Thankfully they seemed to find their power-play again vs. Moncton the other night after a stretch of a few games where they couldn't buy a goal. As they say, it's better to get those out of the way with in the regular season before the games really start to matter.

Any other glaring statistics that stand out to you? Let us know by posting a comment.

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