Saturday, February 7, 2009

Differential Equations... (X),{UNB}

We were never comfortable with differential equations and calculus as students at UNB. Lucky for us, AUS mathematics isn't as hard.

UNB needs a single point to clinch first place in the AUS, and that ever-so-important top seed in the 2nd round of the playoffs. It's still early, but with the OT loss last night, SMU has 37 pts, 4 back of the Reds, and 4 up on Moncton. It's looking more and more like SMU will finish #2 and Moncton #3, meaning UNB will face the lowest-placed team in the 2nd round of the AUS playoffs (and likely avoid both SMU and UdeM).

To accomplish this magnificent feat, UNB needs to win, or lose in OT, against StFX tonight...

Speaking of X, they've been looking like the feisty teams of old the last few games. Remember the dramatics at the end of the game vs UNB last week? That had nothing on the sparks that were flying in Halifax earlier this week when 45 minutes in penalties were given out in the 3rd period. X was inactive last night, which is probably good for them considering they had 5 forwards missing from the lineup vs SMU on Wednesday. They'll be ready tonight, and it looks like they're already playing "playoff hockey".


Anonymous said...

X power forward Sean Flinn will not be playing against UNB, nor X's next game. He was assessed a two game suspension for the gross penalty he received after wrestling with a linesmen to get at one of the Hotham brothers. This was in addition to the major penalty he received for laying out SMU's Chris Morehouse with a high and hard hit that sparked the festivities at the SMU-X game on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Like the Martones, Akesons before them, guys like Roberts and and Caron always seem to play UNB with an edge.
Wonder if Battochio is getting the start? ;)

Anonymous said...

As it stands now, UPEI has the tie-breaker over Acadia and I think SMU has the tie-breaker over Moncton (2-2 records, SMU has the better GF/GA diff in the four game series). Wednesday night's games will be important. ACD wants to get keep pace with X, who play DAL, and upset SMU (UNB also clinches 1st with a SMU loss). UPEI wants to win to keep pace or lead ACD. UdeM could be second if SMU loses both games - not likly though.