Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fan Bus to Acadia!!!

We have an update from the Fan Bus organizers regarding the Fan Bus to Acadia to pass along. A bus is planned for Game #3 at Acadia, next Thursday, March 5th. Here’s how it’ll work:

You can sign-up for the bus by visiting Section 3 at the Aitken Centre during Games 1 and 2 (if seats remain). Total cost for the bus will be $45, and includes your ticket to the game at Acadia. This must be paid upon registering in order to reserve your seat on the bus.

The bus will leave at 11 AM on Thursday morning from the Aitken Centre, and with the exception of a few pit stops along the way, will travel straight to Acadia Arena, likely arriving around 5 PM. This should put you within walking distance of a few places to grab a bite to eat before the doors open. Game tickets are being held at the Acadia Arena box office, so fans are asked to be at the rink by 6 PM so that tickets can be distributed. There is reserved season-ticket holder seating at Acadia, so fans will have to work around those arrangements, but there should be large pockets of open seats available. The bus should return to Fredericton around 3:30 AM.

Seats for the Fan Bus will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, with limited seating capacity of approximately 55 seats. So bring your $45 to Game #1 on Sunday night to assure yourself a spot. A minimum of 43 passengers is required for this to run. Because of this tickets are non-refundable, if you can't go, find someone who can take your place.

The Bus will have an onboard washroom, DVD, etc.

So there it is, if there's any questions send us an email and we'll make sure it gets answered.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this on our behalf... we'll make sure to keep everyone up to date if any changes occur.

For Game #1, we're actually planning on being at the AUC about an hour before game time, which is 7:00pm, and as well during the 1st & 2nd intermissions. Last year, we only had 5-10 seats remaining by the 2nd intermission and actually had to turn people away once we sold out. My advice... be there early.

One other thing... I know that the leave time of 11:00am may not be ideal... it's not like leaving after lunch whereas you would only have to miss a half day of work or whatever, but you've got to figure on approx. 5 hours (by bus) to Wolfville, add in a few pit stops along the way and you're looking at maybe 6 hours before you even get to the rink. Worst case scenario, we'd like to arrive in Wolfville no later than 5:00pm... that should give everyone adequate time to get something to eat before meeting back at the rink. Remember, game time is 7:00pm.

That's all for now and as was said in the original post... if you've got any comments or questions, don't hesitate to ask... thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Update -
The bus will be leaving AUC upper parking lot at 11:00am Thursday. Game time is 7:00pm in Wolfville - a 5+ hour drive. Cost is $45. per person - this includes your game ticket. Only 50 seats available. Sign up at Section 3 at the AUC Sunday night. Paid reservations only. See you there!