Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Top 10 - Greatest V-Reds Tunes of All Time

Since there's been a dozen or so e-mails asking us about certain songs that play or used to play during segments of V-Reds hockey games (not to mention the fact we've been able to get them all no matter how abstract the clues provided), we came up with an idea for some "filler" to help pass the time as we wait for round 2 of the playoffs. A list of the top 10 greatest songs played at UNB hockey games. The idea's not terribly original, but the prerequesites for qualification make up for it. The song has to rock, it had to enjoy significant play-time at the Aitken Centre, and it had to work in the context of a hockey game. That immediately eliminates songs performed by current or former members of the band *NSYNC, any songs inquiring as to who let the dogs out, and of course "Cotton-Eyed Joe".

With that, we present our Top 10 Greatest V-Reds Tunes of All Time:

10. Jump - Van Halen - The last good song before the Van Hagar era? Maybe, but nothing rocks like those 1980's synthesizers.

9. The Hockey Song - Stompin' Tom Connors - What would a hockey game be without Stompin' Tom? It is pretty amazing how 4 generations of Canadians all seem to know the words to this.

8. Thunderstruck - AC/DC - This one must have been difficult for the sound guys to work in. Because of its awesome guitar intro and slow build up to the verse, before finally arriving at the high-energy chorus, Thunderstruck was usually played during extended work stoppages. Fixing the nets, the ice, sorting out penalties, etc. That sort of thing. But it rocks just as hard any tune on this list.

7. O Fortuna - Carl Orff - From Orff's masterpiece "Carmina Burana", O Fortuna is the lead-off song, and one of the most recognizable Classical Music pieces in history. You might recall the familiar choral sections of this piece that used to play whenever UNB scored a goal. It's the only classical music tune on this list, but it still rocks!

6. Come On Feel The Noize - Quiet Riot - during the 2000-2004 years, this song was played quite a bit. It must have been popular as several players could be found mouthing the words.

5. Celebration - Kool & The Gang - Listen to this classic from the early 1980's at the end of any UNB win on home ice.It may have been Kool's only #1 hit, but it's fan favourite at UNB because it was synonymous with "victory".

4. Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses - I'm sure the AUC isn't the only building that had Slash's legendary guitar riffs become a staple of production. For you kids out there, this is the real GNR, not that stuff you probably aren't hearing on the radio anywhere today.

3. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson - Say what you want, but.when the bass line hits, everyone's feet start tapping.

2. TNT- AC/DC - Oi oi oi. There's some night at the Aitken Centre when the Tommies are visiting where it must seem like this song is stuck on repeat. That's just because it's the new tune that gets played whenever the V-Reds score a goal. Who doesn't know the words to this one by heart now?

1. Live is Life - Opus - A lot of UNB fans keep wanting to know what this song is called, well, now they know. It's played at sporting events around the world and is common "jock rock". Everyone knows the simple lyrics."Nanananana, Nanananana".Opus was a one-hit-wonder band from Austria back in the 1980's. Why does it get #1 on this list? In addition to having a hilarious video (youTube it), throughout 2006-2007 this was the song that was played in the warm-ups and before every period at home. But an interesting tidbit of information - it was played a few times in the CIS championship game vs Moncton, including the overtime period. Don't believe us? Watch the DVD and listen closely. Not to be superstitious, but UNB did earn home ice for that game, and the familiar sounds probably didn't hurt. Give the song at least some credit for the eventual outcome, that's why it comes in at #1.

Also, while it didn't make our list, several people have e-mailed wanting know what the celtic-rock song that plays as the players come out of the dressing room to start each period. The answer: "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" by Dropkick Murphys.


Anonymous said...

Opus - live is life. good choice.

I found this song awhile ago, took me ages though. ananannana, why isnt that there song anymore?? that annoying song that they have now is overused.. opus is sick, bring it back

opusss nanananana heyyy nananan HEYYY

yeah but for real, there newest song is really annoying..

btw, good work with this website.. its great so far, thanks bud.

Anonymous said...

They've dropped "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" in favour of the latter half of "In Your Honor" by the Foo Fighters now, haven't they?

Anonymous said...

Yeah i think they use one friday and the other on saturdays. did the aitken center ever have an organ?