Saturday, February 28, 2009

UNB vs. Acadia - A Look at Recent Playoff History

Before the rivalries with SMU, UdeM, and StFX, UNB had a pretty good thing going against Acadia. Go back to the 1996-97 year, Acadia was the defending National Champions, and UNB and Acadia were the top 2 teams in the Atlantic conference. UNB won that battle 2 games to 0, and the teams would meet again several times over the next decade:

96-97 - UNB wins series 2-0
97-98 - UNB wins series 2-1
97-98 - UNB defeats Acadia to win 1st National Championship
99-00 - UNB wins series 3-1
00-01 - UNB wins series 2-1
04-05 - Acadia wins series 2-0
05-06 - Acadia wins series 3-0

UNB had success early on, but Acadia's had the upper hand in recent years, including winning the AUS Championship on UNB ice as recently as 2005-2006. They haven't met in the playoffs since then, but looking at Acadia's young roster, it's a safe bet they're going to be a strong team for the next few years, so we could be witnessing the beginning of new chapter in this rivalry.

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