Friday, February 13, 2009

V-Reds Visit Panthers, UdeM

UNB takes on the UPEI Panthers tonight at 7 PM before wrapping up the season in Moncton tomorrow night. Of course, they are looking for that last point to clinch 1st place, so make no mistake, these games are big and there's still a lot on the line.

Unfortunately the game vs UPEI tonight will not be broadcast on CHSR, but you can catch the game on UPEI's Panthers TV, which will carry a live video feed of the game.

CHSR will air the final game vs Moncton tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

thanks to CHSR.....I hope the station realizes how many people are tuning in and appreciating the combined efforts of everybody's important that the hockey listeners out there relay that to the station so they'll be inclined to keep the games on the these times where costs are prohibitive, there are no guarantees....people need to lend moral and financial support to keep programs like this on the air...