Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fan Bus Update

Way to go UNB fans! Fan Bus #1 to SMU is FULL!

However, in a leave-no-fan-behind effort, there is work to put together a 2nd bus. How far this goes depends on the amount of interest shown. If you are interested in traveling on the 2nd bus to SMU, please contact us ASAP with your name so you can be put you on the waiting list. If there is sufficient demand for a 2nd Fan Bus, the good folks organizing this will do their best to send one, so look for a sign-up table for Bus #2 set up behind Section 3 during Game 1 on Friday. In the meantime, if there are cancellations for the first Fan Bus, names will be taken from the waiting list in the order they were taken. If you’re on the fence, don’t wait – send us an email to get your name on the list now!

Let’s send 2 buses of rowdy Reds fans to Halifax guys!!!

|_V-REDS FAN BUS__|_|____\
|__________________|_| ____|
|_(@'@) ___________|_|(@)__|

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