Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three V-Reds Named AUS All-Stars

The AUS announced its selections to the men's hockey all-star and all-rookie teams on Wednesday. Included on the first-team were UNB forwards Hunter Tremblay and Kevin Henderson, both 2nd year players. V-Reds defenceman and team captain Dustin Friesen was named to the second-team, solid recognition for the 5th year player. Also named to the all-rookie team was defenceman Bretton Stamler.

For the complete list of all-star selections you can read the offical AUS release here.

Congratulations to our V-Reds all-stars!


Anonymous said...

GO Reds. Just found the site. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that Friesen didn't make the first all-star team. The Hothams are solid players, but nowhere near as versatile or defensively adept at Friesen. Andrew Hotham is basically an offensive defenceman whose most effective on the powerplay. But watch his play in the defensive zone: very suspect. Too much are placed on statistics and this is a clear case of that. Also, thought David Bowman deserved some consideration for second-team status at the very least. Heck, you could have included Stamler and Harty in that group, and Luke Gallant certainly had a great second half. Kevin Lachance as first team all-star goalie raises a few question marks as well. Statistically, he was well behind the Westblom kid at Acadia. And Battaticho at X had the capability of winning games by himself. Obviously a case of trying to balance out the awards.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with the previous post, but I guess you've got to spread them around a bit.

Both Yeomans & Westblom had better GAA than that Moncton guy, and Yeomans had a better overall record. Sniderman & MacFarlane had almost as good a save % as Lachance, and MacFarlane had more saves per game.

I think that the AUS (or CIS) should look at the number of games required to qualify for regular season awards. Fullarton's stellar record and stats get overlooked completely. Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

To me Friesen is clearly the beat all round, most complete defenceman in the AUS. Unfortunately voters over the last few years tend to pick d-men based on their offensive stats -- which to me is only part of the value of a good defencemen. If you're picking best offensive d-men or best power play d-men, then sure, pick the Hotham brothers.

The goalie question is trickier. UNB goalies are the least busy, as the team gives up the fewest shots. SMU gives up the second least number of shots. Less shots means less scoring chances. So I can't totally disagree with using save percentage rather than GAA to pick your top goalies. Fullerton had a great shut-out stretch, but Westblom was the busier goalies who had to make the better saves this year. Look at the playoffs -- Westblom kept Acadia from getting blown out by UNB and helped get them the win over StFX. I have no problem with him getting rookie. I think Battachio should have got the nod over Lachance ... Danny was the goalie I saw this year who "stole" the most games for his team. Jhase Sniderman stole a few for UPEI as well.

Anonymous said...

Friesen is the team and maybe league MVP but he will never get that recognition. You cannot replace his composure, discipline and smart hockey.

I thought Bowman struggled in the second half, hope he picks it up in playoffs as he is a key piece of the puzzle.

At end of day though, it'll be what happens between the pipes that determines UNB's fate the remainder of the year.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the goaltending is the end-all, be-all decider for the Reds ultimate fate this year as it may have been most years. It's the most overused cliche in hockey becuase it's true a lot of the time, but not all the time.

Sure if UNB had Aaron Sorochan in net they'd arguably be the best team at every position but there's more than 1 way to win a game and this team has found a way to do it against good teams as much as any team in the country this year.

UNB beat Maine and Boston College with what they have in net, they've defeated SMU in exhibition and the regular season, and can beat everyone if the goalies play to their regular standards.

Some teams are built to win only if their goalies stand on their head - roll the dice and hope he has one of those nights - good luck. UNB should be able to win with what they have.

Let's not forget, Mike Ouzas let in 1 absolutely terrible goal vs Moncton in 2007's gold medal game and the team found a way to win. Last year Ouzas kicked a juicy rebound on the PK back to the Alberta forward and UNB couldn't overcome the goaltending mistake because they hit a few posts and couldn't finish on their chances. It wasn't just Ouzas. Games are always decided by team as a whole.

It's a shame that in hockey goals against are remembered and goalie can be blamed forever, but players who missed break-away opportunities, fanned on shots and over-skated rebounds are let off the hook so quickly. Win or lose, you do it as a team.

Anonymous said...

I can certainly appreciate the notion that hockey is a team game, and whether you're an offensive or defensive player, there are both offensive and defensive responsibilities for each player. Bottom line, though, the goaltender is the last line of defence, and he's the guy the fans either applaud or criticize. At nationals, the team with the best goaltending usually wins. Alberta came into Fredericton in 2004 as the top team in the country, without a defeat all season, and lost to UNB on a Jesse Ferguson goal on the short-side, a bad goal and it cost them a shot at the national title. Conversely, UNB went into Saskatoon in 1998 as a heavy favourite but if not for Ken Caroll, would have lost to Windsor on Day 1 and it would have been all over then. If UNB hopes to win a gold this year, their goaltender has to be outstanding, not simply good. Therein lies the big issue for the V-Reds and the question mark as well.