Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reds Welcomed Back to Aitken Centre By Fans

The 2009 CIS National Champions were welcomed back to the Aitken Centre by a large group of the UNB faithful on Wednesday night. The festivities lasted over an hour, and included some words of praise from local politicians, members of the community, university, team, and even some fans before the team gathered to unveiled the banner. After, they invited fans down to the floor to have their pictures taken with the team.

During the presentation, a group of fans were invited to present a UNB flag autographed by the team to a player. The flag was the idea of two of UNB's biggest fans, Matt Johnson and Tom Davis, who you may know as the Fan Bus guys. These two went above the call of duty this year putting in a lot of hours to organize bus trips during the playoffs, chipped in to buy the flag, then brought it to Acadia and Halifax before sending it off to Thunder Bay. They were there in Woodstock for the first exhibition game, and were there last night to close the season. When the flag returned to Fredericton they contacted the V-Reds and arranged to have it presented to team captain Dustin Friesen on behalf of all V-Reds fans.

Big thanks to them! This is the kind of stuff that separates UNB fans from the rest of the CIS.

(photo credit: T. Davis)


Squirrel H8TR said...

I have no use for your team but I have the utmost respect for a few of your fans.

Tom and Matt have done more to promote Squirrel hockey then most of you could imagine. The time, energy, and thought that they put into organizing and planning fan bus would scare you. Also to buy a flag, cart it around the Maritimes, giving it to a buddy to wave at a Nationals they couldn’t attend in person (they were there in spirit) and then dedicating to a deserving Captain…selfless. Why do they do it? Because they are dedicated fans who care about the team and other fans.

While most of you UNB fans couldn't even be bothered to say thank you to Matt and Tom during fan bus, I'm working on them to bring them to the Green and Gold side, one acorn at a time. Bwa HA HA AHA HA

Seriously guys, great job. One request though, stop fan bombing the comments at the!!

PK said...

I think SquirrelH8ter kind of warmed to V-Reds during Nationals, over a pint or two with some dedicated UNB big cheers mind you, but no squirrel or acorn comments or midirected cheers for the opposition!

Great efforts Matty and Tom, very nice gesture.

And to Kenny, Steve, Jason and Mark - and others in UNB T-Bay contingent, thanks for bringing such positive attention to UNB hockey fans!

Matty, Tom, myself and a few others - including a certain STu fan - were here with cold beer and a big screen, but were there with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone. We definitely appreciate the positive feedback however we feel the need to clarify a couple of things. There's a lot of other UNB fans out there that do a lot more to promote and support this team than we do... we just happened to have made a few phone calls and sent a few emails. The group that went to Thunder Bay did more for UNB hockey in 4 days than we did all year... that's commitment. The "Fan Bus" was created for the fans and for the team... not for Matt & Tom to be recognized or praised . And hey - everyone who travels with us is very appreciative - we have great support. A tap of the stick, so to speak, to all of the UNB fans... whether you're a season's pass holder or can only get out to a couple of games a year.... we all exist for the same purpose.

As for Squirrel H8TR... us Squirrels stick together. You will never lure any of us to the Dark Side... we're Red & Black forever Baby!

Matt & Tom

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that SquirrelH8TR can crap all over UNB fans, yet they can't seem to muster much more than a couple of hundred per game. But in all fairness, it's a lot easier supporting a winner.

Squirrel H8TR said...

Ano, what??? Crap all over what??? Whatever.

I am comforted by these words "Better days ahead".



GreenandGold said...

"it's a lot easier supporting a winner"

Truer words were never spoken. When the down year comes, the true fans will still be there.

Anonymous said...

The real fans have always been there and will continue to be there for UNB. Quite a few of them support "the other guys" as well - and it goes both ways. Lots of STU fans are season ticket holders at the AUC. Hey - it's great hockey - spread the word.