Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sharks Sign Henderson!!!

UNB forward Kevin Henderson has signed a deal with the San Jose Sharks. After a decent rookie season, Henderson really came into his own this year as an offensive phenom for UNB, scoring 19 goals and 31 assists for 50 pts.

Way to go Hendo!

This is sure to result in mixed emotions for UNB fans. On the one hand we're losing a great player with eligibility, but on the other hand, the long-term impact of sending yet another V-Red to the pros will pay dividends. Like Darryl Boyce and Rob Hennigar before him, Henderson's success sends a message to potential recruits: If you're looking to improve your chances at a hockey career in the pros while studying, nobody does it better than UNB.

After Boyce and Henderson's success, new UNB recruits would be wise to claim that #47 jersey.

Here's a web link to the announcement from the San Jose Sharks:

So, who can be next year's "Kevin Henderson"? UNB's forward ranks have a couple of guys with great scoring pedigree in junior that were limited to 3rd line supporting-cast duty much like Henderson was in his rookie year. Guys like Clendenning, Lynes, and Campbell showed us their potential for offence in some big games this year, so look for them to step up next season with more responsibility.


UNB Bruins Fan said...

I just wrote about this obver at hfboards...while it sucks to lose an almost 2 PPG should help recruiting because players who are still holding out the hope of getting a pro contract (players who should be pretty good in the first place if they will think they can make it) should be looking to UNB first...I always got the impression he was at UNB to improve his game and bide his time before getting a pro shot more than anything else so it is not very surprising...but it still sucks that UNB has to replace 2/3 of its top line now...on top of the 3 d-men...I suppose that's the price of success though...

Anonymous said...

Like you said - this sucks, but is not surprising. Henderson earned his spot on the top line this year and made the most of it - way to go Kevin. Don't be surprised when some UNB faithful come bumming tickets in San Jose!!! Good luck, buddy.
But it really speaks volumes for the V-Reds program. And I think the previous post is right - there are some very capable players waiting to step up.

Anonymous said...

Wish he had stayed but I anticipate UNB having a strong recruiting summer.