Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Sympathies To Family and Friends of Mike Power

On behalf of all UNB hockey fans, we'd like to offer our sympathies to the family and friends of Mike Power who passed away earlier this week.

Among his many contributions to amateur sports in Fredericton, you may recognize his name as the coach of the women's hockey team at UNB. Several people who knew Mike sent us emails in the last day with short stories and personal memories. It's clear by the common theme of their sentiments that he was enthusiastic, genuine, and gracious with his commitments to local sports. The entire community benefits from people like Mike Power.

Dave Ritchie remembers Mike Power in his article in today's Daily Gleaner which we hope you'll read.

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Peter said...

Mike Power was a credit to the university community with his support and coverage over the years.

He will be missed by the sporting community, and I'm sure by those that knew him personally.