Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Logo

According to today's Daily Gleaner, it would appear the Aitken Centre isn't the only thing getting a fresh new look this fall.
The University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds will unveil a new logo for its eight varsity sports teams "in time for the start of the '09-10 season," said marketing and events manager Dave Morell on Thursday.

"The old shield logo (a shield with an 'exploding flash') is a dated logo," Morell said.

"It has served UNB well, but it was felt something fresher was needed. So we have had one professionally designed and we will be unveiling it with a proper ceremony either the latter part of August or the first of September."

Click here to read the rest of "V-Reds to get new logo"

This is obviously long overdue. The current logo hasn't been on the men's hockey jerseys since 2002.


Eric said...

My guess - it's the current Hockey UNB with swosh they have on their shirts. I've seen other teams using the logo and having the team 'type' printed in the swosh (B-Ball, Soccer, etc). Maybe a slight modification or retro edit since they hired someone - something like Princton's new shield would be cool, but that's me. E.

Ken C said...

I think you're right Eric, I'm betting on the stylized "UNB" with the swoosh. Each team might have the sport in the swoosh like current, or they might put V-Reds or something in text there.

I would love to see the team put the School flag on the shoulders or somewhere subtle similar to what Calgary does with the provincial and Canadian flags.

Anonymous said...

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