Thursday, June 18, 2009

ReDSea Database is online at VREDSHOCKEY.COM

Once again has outdone itself. Check out the incredibly useful ReDSea Database tool they've created:

One Page - Thousands of Results
The ReDSEa project allows a user, via a web interface, to review UNB Hockey results as far back as 1973/74 - 35 years. Results include the location of each game, the score, coach and comments on the game. There are also analysis reports that outline UNB’s results versus a particular opponent (home or away) and how UNB has done in the Playoffs and Nationals.

There are also reports on Coaches, Out-of-Conference opponents and a fun report - This Day in UNB Hockey History, which reveals UNB’s opponents on a selected day.
This marks the first publicly searchable results database for any Canadian university hockey team and one of the first for any hockey club that is publicly accessible (there are many ‘for purchase’ databases with team data). In addition, this site provides the user with the opportunity to compare UNB vs an opponent - a feature not commonly available on most ‘list’
oriented sites (eg. UNB vs STU, at home, from 2002/03 to 2008/09).

The database incorporates the game results already found on (.ca), originally provided by the AUS office and augmented by to include missing games, exhibition and nationals.

The ReDSea site is now accessible to the general public via a link on the front page of or by entering the address

We hope that UNB and AUS hockey fans will find this site of interest, spurn many ‘water cooler’ conversations and answer those ‘I wonder...’ questions that come up from time to time.

Did you know...
...UNB scored 167 goals in 1998 on their way to CIAU Gold in Saskatoon (33 more than in 2009)
...UNB’s home record over the past 3 years is 45-13 (.776)
...UNB’s last game against Mt. A. was Feb. 21st, 1998
...UNB has played 11 games on Feb. 21st, four of which were Playoff
...UNB has never lost to Lakehead at Nationals (2-0) or Western (3-0)
...UNB’s largest margin of victory, at home, over UdeM is 10, 11-1 on Nov. 30, 2003 (Gene Chiarello Fund Raiser)
...UNB’s largest losing margin, as visitor, to UPEI is 12, 2-14 on Feb. 7, 1988

For more information about the ReDSea Database please visit

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