Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Badgers And Redmen To Visit UNB For Exhibition Play

Earlier today the UNB Varsity Reds website added the 2009-2010 schedule. Highlighting the schedule are 4 exhibition games against the OUA's Brock Badgers and McGill Redmen. On September 16th and 17th, the Badgers invade the AUC in a rematch of their 2008 CIS National game. UNB visited Brock at their "Steel Blade Tournament" a few years ago as you may recall, so it's great of them make the trip east to play UNB. A week later on September 24th and 25th, UNB hosts the McGill Redmen, the only team in from the 2009 CIS Nationals tournmanet UNB didn't play last season.

It's great to see a few more OUA teams coming out this way to give fans a bit more variety in opponents, and to size up the OUA competition.

Also standing out on the schedule is the Pete Kelly Tournament on December 29th and 30th. Teams are still to be determined, but the start times of 4 PM are interesting. In the past there's been 2 games played each day of that tournament. We'll keep an eye out for further details.


Anonymous said...

Unless I am blind it appears that schedule is missing a home game against ST. FX in the second half...I assume it will be the Friday night before they play Dal in the season finale. Also, I noticed Dal/St. FX and SMU/Acadia are travelling 'partners' this year...last year it was Dal and Acadia and X was with SMU...do they usually change things up every once in awhile with regards to that?

Anonymous said...

You are right, the AUS site says X is in town on Feb 12.

X and Dal were travel "partners" in 06-07, too. Maybe they mix it up to keep the schedules a bit different.

Anonymous said...


Exhibition series set up with Providence.

Eric said...

Yes - the UNB schedule was missing the StFX game. It's been fixed.

Worth noting that the last four games are against the Kelly/NS teams rather then the local MacAdam/NB-PEI teams.

This is the first time since 1984/85 that UNB will end the season playing NS teams. It's been MacAdam teams for the past 15 years.