Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maple Leafs Re-Sign Darryl Boyce

Big thanks to everyone who let us know that former V-Red and CIS National Champion Darryl Boyce was re-signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs yesterday to 2-year deal. Financial terms were not released by the club. Click here for the official press release from the Maple Leafs.

A quick visit to VREDSHOCKEY.COM will pull up Boyce's stats in a UNB jersey. In 70 games (regular season and playoffs) Boyce scored 40 goals and added 43 assists for a solid 83 pts. He also added 143 penalty minutes, and seems to have taken that edgy game with him to the pros.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that Boyce gets his much deserved chance with the Leafs this year.

Anonymous said...

You have to think with his sandpaper style, he would fit into Brian Burke's type of character player for the Leafs. Key for Boyce is to stay healthy and therein lies the major issue with him. Is he big enough to be an in-your-face annoyance at the big level and be around enough games to have an impact. He's certainly a very good AHL player and that's nothing too shabby either.One of the great players to wear the UNB uniform for sure.

Bill Hunt said...

He's a character guy all right,, anonymous :)...but you have to figure that he's more of a depth guy in the Leaf organization than anything...a guy who can come up and play an effective role against a particular opponent rather than a Leaf every night. He didn't make a Leaf team that couldn't score last year. Now they've committed a bunch of money to toughness, will trade a defenceman for another top six forward, and Boyce will slide further down in the depth chart.
Had a good year last year with the Marlies, was the team's nominee for the Man of the Year in the AHL, which tells you a lot about his character and the good influence he can be for kids coming into the organization. He may wind up with the "C" with the Marlies and that would be a great accomplishment for him and a great contribution to the organization. But a Leaf every night? I'd be shocked.

Ken C said...

I have to agree with Bill Hunt here. I would love to see Boyce develop into a regular NHL-er, but the Leafs haven't exactly been a great organization for developing young Canadian talent, and unfortunately for Boyce, there might be a few others in the organization that can play his role just a bit better. His best chance for the NHL might not be in Toronto. But he could play himself onto the team or into a trade for an opportunity. And let's not diminish the feat that a solid AHL career is. I'm certainly not in the top 1-2% in the world in my profession.

That said, who ever saw Joel Ward turning into a full-time NHL player (and highlighted on TSN play of the week)?

Kyera said...

To be fair, last season the Leafs certainly could put the puck in the net, despite their lack of star forwards. It was keeping the puck out that was a problem.

Otherwise, I do agree with Bill's assessment that he'll be a character guy and more of a niche role player. Though, in the event of injury, anything is possible...

Anonymous said...

Bill, you have been around the team alot and know alot about university hockey. Now that we have hit the dog days of summer, I was wondering your take on the team that you think is the best ever at unb and your favourite players over the years of following the team. Thanks

Bill Hunt said...

Sorry...been on vacation, just catching up to this now. Thanks for the inquiry. I've been around the team and the program a bit, but it's a better question for Dave Ritchie, who has followed the team on the road and through the playoffs on a more regular basis than I have. I know he checks in here and will probably weigh in.
I thought the best team that didn't win was the 2008 team, which won every game but the last one against Alberta. I thought that team had it all, but of course, they don't have the ring to show for it.
Best team in UNB history in my opinion then, would be the 2007 team -- balanced lines, great goaltending, a solid defence, and of course, they won it in OT in Moncton, coming through when it counted.
I think the AUS and CIS hockey has evolved so much in the decade plus since the 97-98 team won that the 97-98 team, while a very good team for its time, would lose convincingly to either the 2007 or 2009 team.
You have to admire the 2009 team for their ability to get it done. Fullerton's shutout string and then his playoff performance under pressure were phenomenal. The way they responded and smoked Alberta right out of the blocks in Thunder Bay to set the tone for the tournament showed how ready they were to atone for 2008. And I thought their depth and defence were excellent. To achieve what they did with no contribution from a kid they projected as their top recruit, in Daine Todd, was tremendous. Maybe given some historical perspective, that 2009 team would be the greatest in UNB history. For now though, I'd go with the 2007 team, followed by 2009, 2008 and 97-98.
Favourite players to watch and or cover? Rob Hennigar was and remains the most skilled player in UNB history in my opinion. Good fellow to deal with too, when you could catch him. Very unassuming and humble.
Other favourites? Kyle Bailey, who in my opinion is an ideal choice as the next captain. I liked Craig Mahon -- always accessible and a great quote. Enjoyed sitting down with John Scott Dickson last year. Over the years Gene Chiarello, Mike Kelly, Mark Jeffrey stand out as good guys to deal with consistently, accessible and accommodating win or lose.
But one thing I've found over the years is that they all have great stories to tell and most are articulate and accommodating, which speaks volumes as to the calibre of person UNB (and St. Thomas too, for that matter) bring in.
On the STU side, I liked dealing with Edan Welch. Dave Gilmore. Kirk Firlotte. Phil Daigle. Kyle McAllister was a favourite.
I could go on and on about the calibre of person in both programs. It's why I have a hard time considering this a job sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill, very insightful andinformative from a guy who is up close in personal with the team not only what you see on the ice but behind the scenes. Wish there were more threads like this one for the summer to get more discussion going.