Wednesday, August 26, 2009

David Bowman Joins Alleghe Hockey

Special thanks to the few anonymous readers who brought to our attention that former UNB V-Reds defenceman David Bowman is continuing his hockey career in Italy with Alleghe Hockey. Imagine coming to UNB, winning a few championships, leaving with a degree, and finding yourself paid to play the game you love…in Italy. Good work if you can find it, and apparently Bowman can. Nice to see he’s still wearing a red #8 jersey.

There appears to be a UNB connection here as well, as former V-Reds coach Mike Kelly is listed as “Allenatore”, which can be translated as "coach". We’ll go out on a limb and assume that isn’t a total coincidence. Correction, we should have recalled former UNB coach Mike Kelly was recently named Sea Dogs associate coach. Thanks for the correction David.

Thanks for the great years at UNB, David, and congratulations and best of luck with your new club in Italy.

(photo credit: M. Chase)


David Kilfoil said...

Not the same coach Kelly. UNB's Mike Kelly, he of the '98 championship, is now with the Saint John Sea Dogs.

"Bow" should have fun in Italy, and his strong skating should do him well on their big ice.

Eric said...

The coach of Alleghe is names Mike Kelly, just a different Mike Kelly from the won that coached UNB and is now in Saint John.

Eric said...

ps. David played for this Mike Kelly when he(David) was in the OHL.