Monday, August 31, 2009

New Logo Revealed

The face of the UNB Varsity Reds got a little prettier today as the program unveiled its new logo. This new logo replaces the previous "exploding flash/shield logo" the team has had since 1992. The stylings of any logo can be interpreted in many ways, but on the surface, the simple, bold "UNB" lettering suggests a salute to UNB logos of the past, with a slight upward slant that hints at moving up.

We are also very pleased to hear that new V-Reds clothing will be available from the good folks at Sub Towne and online. This lets the athletics staff stick to athletics and lets the clothing experts take a stab at clothing design.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Let us know with your comments.

Also, watch for the new website to go live tomorrow to coincide with the start of season ticket sales...and don't forget, there's a new $50 "save your seat" option available this year.


David Kilfoil said...

I for one like the simplicity of the new logo, but being a "font junkie" I might have picked another font ... and probably everyone here has their own personal favourite.

If you are into it, the "official" red in the new logo is PMS 185 Red in the Pantone system.

The typeface is Vibrocentric.

The upward sweep design is also supposed to fit well on the chest or between the shoulder blades.

Anonymous said...

I have Mixed emotions about it, I was excited to see the new logo, was hoping for some type of new powerful emblem, that would look fancy on the hockey team jerseys and at center Ice, so my first reaction was dissapointment, cause I atleast could have made this on Microsoft word for the team and not charged them a dime

but when I really looked at it after, even though its simple, it stands out strong as UNB Varsity Reds and will do so just fine, and as someone said on the cis hockey message boards, its the players and the team behind the logo that really matters

would have liked to see it added to the mens hockey jerseys for this season, but I guess we will wait till the next Unies.

Anonymous said...

Well that's boring...probably scary what was paid for someone to change the font of the team name and call it "design a logo" Although the black background and Hockey underneath makes it better.

Eric said...

I hate it.

Ken C said...

I kinda like it...It's not the best logo in the world but I'm glad it's not "retro" anything, I'm glad it's not the overused, boring, same-old, same-old stupid collegiate "letter" style like too many teams use in NCAA and CIS. Nor is it a play on the traditional baseball letter scheme like some teams are using either...boring...those all would have been worse.

But it certainly won't win logo of the year. Oh well, who cares? It's Red and Black and that makes it the best.

It's certainly a big upgrade over that dated exploding shield thing.

Squirrel H8TR said...

When a buddy sent it to me this afternoon I thought it was a joke. Not a good one, mind you, but a joke.

It is was it is. No biggie, so what!

Anonymous said...

When I first seen it I was a little 'meh' but I have started to come around to many have mentioned I like the simplicity of it...and I do like text for logos rather than some big flashy graphic. However, I don't know if I like it as a main logo that would go on the chest of their jerseys...which I am sure is the eventual plan.

David Kilfoil said...

They said today that some of the criteria for the new design is that it had to be red and black, had to feature "UNB" prominently, connected to previous logos, and had to be usable/scalable/readable so that one logo could be used on everything from banners to 1/2 inch size on letterhead or business cards.

Unlike Ken, I am a fan of the traditional "college lettering" (that outlined font that is used by so many NCAA teams) but I can live with a more unique and novel font for UNB. Maybe we can now stop those broadcasters "from away" from constantly calling the team "New Brunswick" since UNB will be so dominant and the unreadable-when-small old logo is gone.

Anonymous said...

Actually...I would love to see a jersey much in the same vein as the NY Rangers jersey that had New Brunswick written from the top left to the bottom right of the jersey...either written in red on a their home white jerseys or in black or white on their road red jerseys (or white or red on a black jersey). I would especially love to see them put the university shield on one of the shoulders (like Calgary has the Alberta flag on their jersey)...I think it would look pretty sharp.

Ken C said...

I'd second having the University flag/crest on the shoulders...other than that I'm not fussy.

Eric said...

I'd like to see the UNB Crest on one side and the New Brunswick Flag on the other (or the flag on the front left).

I lean towards the UNB block letters from the 60s - each letter was seperate from the other and together filled the entire jersey. Today's 'single piece' logos are capped by the screening machine or printing machine the supplier uses (probably the reason the logo was a bit small this past season).

I'm partial to the 67's Red/Black/White striped uniforms. You would certainly know it was UNB (Dave hates this idea and lets me know it everytime I bring it up).

'New Brunswick' is a lot longer than 'New York', not sure you could read it if it was single letters from shoulder to waist. It would be neat. Do you go with 'Varsity Red' at home?

This new logo looks like it came out of a 1970s Russion design school - the 'K' in Hockey looks like a lowercase 'h' with slash added as an after thought. If I had to dscribe it - a mix between 'The Life of Brian' poster,'Spaceballs' poster and a Russion propaganda poster.

Anonymous said...

It's just words! This is a weak logo. Not even that stylized. Should have done a little more work on this one. It would be fine on a letter, but won't look great on a jersey.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that, will look great on a letter, will look great on a ticket, heck it will look great on basketball and soccer jerseys, but it seems to me it will look very..........NOT GREAT in the center of a hockey jersey

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many hours (and dollars) it cost to come up with this masterpiece. Probably needed presidential approval. Agree with the post about a crest looking small and inconsquential. Why not go with the block letters U.N.B. and perhaps this crest on the side or perhaps lower right of the jersey.