Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jeff Lee Released From AHL Camp, USA Trip Up Next

If you haven't seen it yet, the V-Reds website issued a piece on UNB hockey players in pro camps.  Check it out here.   According to the article, UNB will have 20 former players in the pros this year, and 8 attending AHL camps this fall.  This does not include rookies Ben Wright (now at Norfolk Admirals camp) or Jeff Lee, who was just released by the Springfield Falcons (and hopefully will be joining the V-Reds in time for the upcoming exhibition games in the USA).

This next week will provide some pretty high caliber opposition.  First, the V-Reds will visit the Portland Pirates of the AHL on Wednesday.   The Pirates start their season next weekend, and have already received some players recently cut by the Buffalo Sabres.  On Saturday, the team travels to the NCAA's UMass-Amherst, and will continue on to Vermont on Sunday.

The following weekend, Providence College hosts UNB in what will be the team's final exhibition game before the regular season starts.  The next two weeks might be the toughest part of the schedule all year, and should accomplish the goal of getting them prepared for the regular season opener on October 16th vs UPEI.


Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard, Jeff. Looking forward to seeing you in a VReds jersey.

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be radio coverage of the games down in the US?

David Kilfoil said...

No. CHSR is not making the trip. I'm not sure if UNB's opponents will be broadcasting the games ... will have to look into it, although I doubt the Portland Pirates would broadcast a pre-season exhibition game.

David Kilfoil said...

Looking around, UMASS will have GameTracker only for the UNB game at their practice rink:

Vermont has online broadcasts, but no indication yet that they will be covering the UNB game.

Anonymous said...

Has Lee even practiced with the team yet?

Anonymous said...

Not that I am aware off but I'm not 100% sure. I see Lee being the team's new Henderson, at least in size and stature. Given the right linemates, I think he has the potential to put up some good numbers in his first season.

I've got a few minutes to kill so I'm going to take a shot at what the line combos will look like, or at least the way I'd like to see them.

Ln. 1 - Tremblay-Todd-Dickson.
Ln. 2 - Procyshen-Bailey-MacIntosh.
Ln. 3 - Lee-Culligan-Lynes.
Ln. 4 - ?-?-?.

Take your pick as to who plays on the 4th line. Fillier, Hodgson & Seymour looked good together but where, then, does that leave guys like Layton, Campbell & Clendenning (when he returns)? I guess it all depends on what team they're playing and whether Coach wants a 4th scoring line or a checking line.

As far as the "D" are concerned, I'd like to see Stamler & Shutron paired together for sure, but am unsure of the other pairings. Perhaps Harty & Wright (providing he returns) and Gallant & Corcoran/Aldred. I hate leaving Heppy out but there are only so many spots.

Agree or Disagree?

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Some thoughts/predictions...

- Campbell has really impressed me so far this year...hope he stays in the lineup.

- Pretty accuracte with the forwards IMO...I think Seymour plays pretty much every game with Fillier/Campbell/Layton taking up the last two spots (3 if they go with an extra forward) most of the time. I see Hodgson as the odd man out more often than not.

- When Clendenning comes back I think he will be eased into the lineup before playing pretty much every game by the end of the season.

- I think Hepditch will get the majority of the playing time as the 6th d-man...with Aldred/Corcoran rotating in and out of the 7th spot (providing they go with 7 d-men over an extra forward)

- I predict Yeomans will be the starter by midseason and go with him in the playoffs.

- Of course injuries will inevitably happen and this whole debate will be a moot point...

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Here is the site that broadcasts the Vermont games...but like David alluded to earlier there is no indication that they will be or won't be doing the UNB game...

Eric said...

As David said, the UMASS game is GameTracker only (the link is too long to post here, you can find it at their site and hit the little 'gt' icon beside the game.

The UVM radio partner doesn't have the game on their schedule. However, you can watch the game as it is listed by the video provider.

You can pay/login 10minutes before the game. No price is listed - probably $6-7 is my guess.

The UNB-Portland game is not listed by the radio partner - not a surprise given it's pre-season.

Eric said...

UVM Update:

WVMT-AM (Burlington, VT) will be broadcasting the game via Radio. I received confirmation this morning.

This link will lanch a window with an embedded Windows Media Player audio stream.

NOTE 1: The Games are Sat/Sun, not Fri/Sat as Ken has listed them in the write-up.

NOTE 2: The UVM game is a Sunday afternoon game (4:00 EST = 5:00AST). The UMass game is Saturday night (6:00pm EST = 7:00pm AST)

UNB Bruins Fan said...

I just noticed from today's Daily Gleaner that the next UNB football game is October 16th...the same night as the V-Reds home opener...that doesn't seem too smart IMO....not that I expect the Red Bombers to draw 1500 again for that game though... said...

Dates corrected - thanks Eric.
Rough time with calendar errors lately. Hopefully the issue (me) is resolved :)


David Kilfoil said...

I agree that it is a bit of a brain cramp for the football scheduling. The hockey team is on the road the next two weekends, but no home football game. Then they go up against the hockey team's home opener and banner raising. I realize they have to work around the soccer teams for Chapman field, but jeepers, just keep shooting yourself in the foot with the scheduling ... you're the new kid on the block and shouldn't work against your fan base who might like both hockey and football!

Anonymous said...

I think right now you will see Culligan stick on the Left wing with Bailey and MacIntosh that line seems to be clicking very well. Also Alex Aldred will likely be the 6th DMan with Corochan as the 7th and unfortunately Josh Hepditch 8th. I must say Heppy has been much better and effective playing D than he has ever been on Forward for UNB

This should be a great week for competition for the Vreds no Doubt, the Game againts Portland, would have to say will be the best Team UNB has ever played bar none, this is a team of Pro Hockey Players, not the same thing the Islanders Rookies were the last 2 years.

My Only worry is everyone comes back Healthy with no injuries

Unknown said...

Lee! God be with you always whereever you are and keeps you safe with all your friends.
Good luck and have a great year:)