Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Swag

If you've already picked up your pass to the V-Reds this year you probably already know about the extras thrown in. Included with this seasons pass once again will be the permit for preferred parking (first come, first serve), and the popular "bring a friend" option is back which you can use to bring someone up to 5 times again (limit 1 per event). Perhaps most importantly is the first crack next year at buying tickets to Nationals. Finally you might recall that last year we were treated with license plate brackets for our vehicles, well this year we're told the swag includes a team scarf that will be available later this season.

Also, check out Bruce Hallihan's thoughts on the new logo in the Daily Gleaner.


Anonymous said...

just throwing this out there

picture of henderson in play for san jose

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link, reading further into that picture Kevin Henderson scored 2 goals and got into a Fight as well in a 5-0 sharks win over the Ducks