Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New V-Reds Site Up, Fun With Photoshop

The stunning new official Varsity Reds website is up and running...check it out in all its red and black glory: http://vreds.unb.ca/staging/default.aspx

For the specific hockey link, please click here.

And for those of you who asked for it, make sure you hurry up and reserve your favorite seat at AUC by buying tickets from the box office or online. It'd be a shame if procrastination lead to someone else poaching your seat.

Also, with all the buzz about the new logo, http://www.vredshockey.com/ has a neat look at some of the UNB hockey jerseys of the past, so be sure to take a look. This has inspired us to ask "what if"? Through the wonders of Photoshop Paint, we've tried looking at the new logo in the context of a hockey sweater.

First we have a stylish home jersey...try to imagine it with numbers and maybe a small UNB flag/crest on one shoulder, with the N.B. flag on the other...

Next up would be the away jersey in a distinctive red.

And for those special games where any kind of edge is needed, perhaps an intimidating black third-jersey that strikes fear into the hearts of opponents:

These are NOT sneak peaks of anything official, but let us know what you think? Better yet, some of you guys are far more talented...send us in your jersey ideas and we'll do our best to post them.


Anonymous said...

Love the black one. Great work!

David Kilfoil said...

Told ya Ken, black is the way to go for a third jersey ... especially when one of your two school colours is black!


Anonymous said...

When are the current jerseys due to be replaced anyways?

Anonymous said...

In 1999 the year after UNB won the National Championchip, they got new Jerseys, I was not a fan of them the white home jerseys had a mixture of black and red across them, while the black road jerseys had a mixture of white and red, they looked too much like 3 color jerseys instead of one dominant color, I was not a big fan of these.

in 2003 Mid season they replaced them with the Jerseys, white for home with just the words UNB on them with an underscore and red shoulder area. The road jerseys were red with white letters. at some point in the 2006 season they replaced the home jerseys with the current ones now, but not the road jersey.

at the start of the 2007 season they had replaced the road jersey as well to the current ones and also added black to the home jerseys going down the sides of the body, which they did not have when they won the CIS Championchip over Moncton.

My Guess is with a new logo out now and the Nationals here next year you will see UNB sporting New Uniforms for the 2010-11 Season

Of Note my Favorite Logo of all time, was the Red Devils Logo, just the Words UNB with the Devil, wrapped around the N with a Pitch Fork for a Hockey Stick, love that Logo

Anonymous said...

A question for you all

My wife and I are season tickets holders of the Tri-City Americans (Procyshen and Aldreds former WHL team) in Kennewick WA.

Taylor was our favourite player and I was hoping to buy my wife a UNB Varsity Reds jersey but I cannot find one on-line or anywhere else for that matter. If you know where I might be able to purchase one I would greatly appreciate you contacting me.


Thank You, and best of luck to Taylor, Alex, and the Varsity Reds.