Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Play to Win

Bill Hunt previews Wednesday's game vs Portland in the Daily Gleaner. You have to like the attitude the team is bringing - if you don't think you can win, why bother playing?

The article also confirms that Jeff Lee has joined the team.

Over at the CISBlog, David Kilfoil takes a look at the upcoming AUS vs NCAA exhibition matchups.


David Kilfoil said...

Bill has one little error when he mentions STU's opponents. Sacred Heart is a NCAA Division I school, although they play in the weaker Atlantic Hockey conference, whereas Northeastern plays in Hockey East.

Anonymous said...

Dave, have you heard anything regarding how Ben Wright is making out in Norfolk? Do you expect him to return to UNB?

David Kilfoil said...

First, I have never spoken to Ben, so I don't know how he really feels about UNB. There is no news yet out of Norfolk. There have been lots of rumblings and rumours that Wright was more interested in playing pro hockey than buckling down and training with the V-Reds, but that is all hearsay as far as I am concerned. That being said, if Wright likes the taste of the pros in Norfolk, and is even prepared to get sent down to the Coast (which I think would be a mistake), then I would not be surprised if he doesn't come back. On the other hand, an awful lot of prospects have had their eyes opened at these camps and then decide to head back to their AUS teams.

Andrew Brewer said...

Just a reminder for any fans looking to follow our road trip check over at twitter.com/unbhockey we'll be updating it with scores and updates on th trip. We'll make sure to have period updates if not live updates throughout the game (internet pending).

Thanks again for the great site UNBhockeyfans

Anonymous said...

I see that Ben Wright has been released from Norfolk's training camp. Hopefully he'll be joining the VReds for their road trip.