Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President's Cup Tonight

The V-Reds take to the ice for their first exhibition game tonight against the new and improve STU Tommies for the President's Cup. Remember, this game is being held at Willie O'Ree Place, and is technically a STU home game, so you'll have to buy a ticket.

In recent years, UNB has had great success against STU in the President's Cup/Fall Classic contests. Since 2003-2004 season, UNB has gone 6-0 against in these games, outscoring STU 38-12 in the process:

Year Score
03-04 6-1
04-05 4-2
05-06 4-3 (OT)
06-07 6-1
07-08 8-1
08-09 10-4 (played in Woodstock)

The first exhibition game of the year will give us a first look at this off-season's recruits, a glimpse into some possible line combinations, and most importantly, the return of hockey.

Speaking of line combinations, Coach MacDougall will have his hands full trying to find the right balance of scoring, speed, size, and checking. Let the speculation begin. Feel free to tell us how you see the lines shaping up in the comments section.

Also, be sure to catch Bruce Hallihan's "Cup Defence Begins Tonight For V-Reds" in today's Daily Gleaner.


David Kilfoil said...

Tonight is the fourth annual Presidents Cup, recognizing that they put a label on near-annual starter and bought a big trophy and all. Not that competing for an actual trophy has made STU more competitive the last few years ...

Anonymous said...

Taking a Wild Guess at the number 1 power play unit we will see for tonight, atleast with Daine Todd out of the lineup for now we will see.
Tremblay, Culligan and Proeschesyn on Forward. Luke Gallant and Ben Wright on Defense. That is if Wright is in town wasn't positive on his status but hes not mentioned in the paper as not being here tonight.

David Kilfoil said...

I understand Wright will be here until his AHL camp opens on the weekend, much as was the case with Daine Todd last season.

My guess is that you will see either Harty or Stamler with Gallant as d-man on the PP.

I couldn't even hazard a guess who will be playing with Tremblay, as I haven't been by the practices.

Anonymous said...

call me stupid but how does an 8-1 game in 07-08 go into OT?

Anonymous said...

Tonight's game should be a rough one, supposedly a bunch of boys had a skirmish this weekend at a bar! This is from what I heard.

UNBhockeyfans.com said...

RE: 8-1 (OT) error - Fixed. Good eye. Thanks.

David Kilfoil said...

My thoughts on the new guys after tonight's undressing of STU.
Shutron - like the way he keeps his head up all the time, jumps into the play well.
Procyshen - looked good, but those dangles may not work in the AUS ...
Wright - Underwhelmed me. Lots of giveaways and soft shots in the early part of game. His goal was the only thing outstanding all game.
Culligan - Looked real good with Tremblay and Dickson
Layton - Big body and creates opportunities
Fillier - another Seymour? ... which is a commpliment
Corcoran - didn't see a lot of ice time until late in the third period, and then he and Wright were being double shifted. Jury's out, but d-men normally take longer to adjust to AUS.

Daine Todd skated in the warm-up, but didn't play.

Eric said...

A good game for UNB. Travis was solid in the nets when he needed to be (only 9 shots). Derek handled 10 shots in the third.

Slow at first for UNB, but they found 3rd gear at the 10 minute mark and 4th gear in the second period with 19 shots and cruised through the third. STU had no shots from mid-first period to 12min into the 2nd - 22min in total.

I liked Procyshen and Shutron and all of the veterens played well. Harty had a great game. Corcoran didn't have a shift in the second - not sure why. He was double-shift the last half of the third with Wright.

The only consistent pairings were:
Dickson, Cullighan, Tremblay
Procyshen, Bailey, MacIntosh
Fillier, Lynes, Hodgeson
the rest were mix and match

The 'D' rotated through with no consistant pairs.

Eric said...

ps. Bailey was Captain for the game.

Anonymous said...

After a shaky first 10 - 15 minutes for all the Vreds I thought Ben Wright was Great as pointed out in the Daily Gleaner Article by Coach MacDougall.

We will miss him back on D this weekend when hes away at Camp

Ken C said...

I thought Wright looked like he was playing not to get hurt for his pro-camp tryout. He wasn't aweful, but he was definitley UNB's 5th or 6th best d-man this night for 2 periods. Then he looked like he flipped a switch in the 3rd and did score the prettiest goal of the night to go with a few nice hits.

Game 1 of exhibition is too early to arrive at any conclusions. He's got great potential, but I'm sure nobody gave it 100% last night.