Saturday, September 26, 2009

V-Reds 5, Redman 1

A much better performance tonight resulted in a lopsided 5-1 win for the V-Reds.

Johnathan Harty continued his great pre-season play by getting the V-Reds on the board with their first goal of the game.   Luke Lynes would add a pair of goals in the 2nd period to extend the lead.  Hunter Tremblay and John Scott Dickson rounded off the scoring on the UNB side in the 3rd period.

Derek Yeomans was solid in this game, making a few difficult saves when called upon, and was a mere 25 seconds away from the shut-out when McGill finally took advantage of a miscue on the UNB power-play. 

Final shots in this one were 38-14 for UNB.

This game got a little heated at times, especially during the second when Seymour and Fillier were looking to square off with the Redmen.  Something set Seymour off as he started tossing punches towards McGill's Picard-Hooper.  Fillier was invited to scrap by Turcotte, but while Fillier followed through by dropping his gloves, Turcotte seemed to have second thoughts and not much came of their confrontation.   Both sides kept their senses in the 3rd period and the game played out.

UNB is now 5-0 vs CIS opponents in the pre-season.  The next home game will be October 16th versus the UPEI Panthers to open the regular season.


Anonymous said...

I believe you meant to say that Luke Lynes added a pair of goals in the second. :)

Anonymous said...

Turcotte looked like a huge pussy there, come on, its preseason hockey. I love this type of stuff, I wish university hockey allowed fighting. I don't know what sent Seymour off, from where I was sitting you could see him connect on 2-3 punches.

Good game for UNB

PK said...

Picard-Hooper threw a punch at Seymour in the scrum, figuring there was enough guys around that he was safe. Seymour didn't see things the same way, and Hooper covered up really quick when he saw Seymour's gloves come off :-)!

Anonymous said...

Yea Turcotte did not impress me one bit in either many penalties did he take anyways??

David Kilfoil said...

The way I saw it, Turcotte pulled a "drive by" on Seymour -- getting in his face and skating away ... you know the common CIS move of acting tough but not willing to fight. While Seymour was distracted, Picard-Hooper waded in and got a cheap shot in on Seymour (perhaps in Picard-Hooper thought he was sticking up for his much bigger captain Turcotte?). Then Picard-Hooper discovered he was in over his head as Seymour snapped him several times with is bare right hand. Seymour was very lucky not to pick up a fighting major for that.

PK said...

I thought it was funny when Fillier called Turcotte's bluff to start it alll. Turcotte in his face, taunting as if he wanted to go and as soon as Fillier dropped them, he skated right away and brushed Seymour setting off the bigger skirmish.

Fillier reminds me on an upscale checking line forward - has more value add than the normal grinder. A solid addition to team.

Anonymous said...

if you checked out the replay on Rogers, it clearly shows Turcotte's stick coming down on Seymour amidst the mad scramble in front of the timer's bench. That's what seems to really tick off Seymour, and certainly Picard-Hooper was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Seymour did throw a couple of punches which could certainly have been called for fighting. Referee O'Shaunessey had a tough job to keep everything in order considering McGill's frustration level at being thoroughly outplayed.