Tuesday, September 15, 2009

V-Reds Skate To 8-1 Victory In President's Cup Game

We shouldn't read too much into the first exhibition game of the season, but if anything stands out, it was the defencemen stepping up to score 4 goals. Shots were 45-19 in favour of UNB.

Scoring for UNB in no particular order were defencemen Luke Gallant, Jon Harty, Josh Hepditch, rookie Ben Wright, and forwards Chris Hodgson, Kyle Bailey, Hunter Tremblay, and rookie Nick Layton.

Travis Fullerton started in goal for the V-Reds and gave up an early goal to STU's Max Chamberland in the 1st period, but was otherwise solid. He was relieved by Derek Yeomans after 2 periods.

The V-Reds will take some lessons from this one and prepare for the Brock Badgers this Friday and Saturday at the Aitken Centre.

For more on the game, be sure to read Bill Hunt's "Different Names, Familiar Result" in today's Daily Gleaner.


David Kilfoil said...

Btw, numbers for the new guys:

#2 - Wright
#5 - Corcoran
#22 - Layton
#27 - Fillier
#42 - Shutron
#44 - Procychen
#57 - Culligan

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed with Hodgsons play out there.. That guy is so strong on his feet, I think he is also getting faster.

Same with Harty!

Anonymous said...

Well, I know its the "President's cup" and I know the logistics make sense but truthfully UNB is wasting their time playing STU. Its one thing to play them in the regular season because they have too, but what a waste of time to do it in preseason. The only positive out of playing a team of that calibre is getting guys confidence up. Its really hard to say that anyone impressed me because its not real hockey. The sad thing is it could have been worse.
I like how Eagles said in the paper that UNB might be better then last year. What a great statement when trying to cover up for your own terrible recruiting and coaching. Pretty bold to say he thinks they are better after one game. But I guess its better then him and the rest of the team making excuses for why they lost and how "with a few more breaks it could have gone either way" statements they use to give. I just hope this weekend is more of a challenge and we can really see what UNB has.

Anonymous said...

Well...playing STU makes a lot of sense financially...and I think that is a pretty significant reason...it's is a pretty big advantage for both teams to have another team so close...I don't know if there are many (any??) instances in which a CIS team can drive 5 minutes and play another one...I think its more of a convenience thing than anything.

Unfortunately, I don't think this weekend will be much more of a challenge...

Eric said...

News-cast.com will be showing all of UNB's home games for free this year! The UNB games at SMU will also be available, but for $5.95.

Anonymous said...

Two schools within five minutes of each other...how about DAL and SMU?

Anonymous said...

Waterloo and Laurier, brim