Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AUS Pool - Week 1 Standings

The CIS aren't the only people to release their Top 10 Rankings on Tuesday.  We are pleased to provide our first update of the AUS Pool.   Here are the top 10 after Week 1:

T1 - Tyler Christensen - 48
T1 - Barney - 48
3 - Megan - 46
T4 - cmd - 44
6 - David Kilfoil - 41
T7 - Marian Tremblay - 41
T7 - Stephanie - 41
9 - Miss Tabby - 38
10 - Fan of the VReds - 37

The complete standings of all 43 participants can be viewed at the AUS Pool page.

We'll provide more information, including each person's picks in the coming days.  If you're wondering, there were a few people who chose someone other than Hunter Tremblay or Marc Rancourt from the first box. 

Please take a minute to check our totals against yours, and if you think you see an error, you probably have... kindly let us know by sending us an email:

Note: In the event of a tie, we will use goals as the first tie-breaker.  Judging by the accumulation total for the week, 700 pts or more isn't unreasonable for the year so the odds of ties are probably not that great.  And no - out of 43 participants, there are no identical teams!

Finally, we want to thank a few people for stepping up and helping make this AUS pool possible.  'Fan of the VReds' is providing custodial and auditing services while 'Drummer' has provided technical/web support.

Good luck to everyone!

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