Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CHSR Interviews, Tremblay, & V-REDS "Victims Of Thier Own Success"?

The good folks at VREDSHOCKEY.COM have launched a new feature - "Varsity Shout - CHSR Interviews".  They'll be hosting the pre-recorded interviews that David Kilfoil produces for the CHSR broadcasts. The first interview is up with Coach MacDougall, go to VREDSHOCKEY.COM to check it out.

Hunter Tremblay was named AUS Male Athlete of the week.  Visit the AUS site for the press release.

In today's Daily Gleaner, Dave Ritchie has an interesting take on the V-Reds quick start - he asks if maybe the V-Reds are to good for the conference?  He makes a good point about how some casual hockey consumers might be put off by a pair of blowout wins over 2 teams down on their luck.  But he also rightfully points out that the real competition is yet to come...Acadia and SMU.

2008 anyone?  It's safe to say V-Reds fans aren't planning the next banner ceremony yet...

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