Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CIS Top 10 Rankings: UNB #1

The CIS released the first Men's Hockey Top 10 Rankings today.  UNB (2-0) rests firmly on top of the competition having received 166 points in the voting system.  Not surprisingly, the perrennial powerhouse from the CW is at #2.  Alberta is off to a 3-0-1 start so far.

Two things might stand out on this list to CIS hockey fans.  First, the absence of Saskatchewan.  We're pretty sure this is a temporary thing, but don't discount Manitoba's chances this year if they keep playing well.  Second, there seems to be only one other AUS team to crack the list,  SMU at #5.  Saskatchewan is off to a rough start and the AUS teams haven't played enough games to give any clear indication of who the #3 or #4 best team in the conference might be, so it's hard for a voter to chose a 1-1 team over a 4-0 team from another conference for example.

It's a bit surprising to see the Brock (4-0) team that visited UNB finish ahead of the seemingly more competitive McGill (2-0) squad, but we'll leave that to them to sort out over the year. 

1. UNB (2-0) / 166 points / (-)
2. Alberta (3-0-1) / 135 / (-)
3. Manitoba (4-1-1) / 95 / (-)
4. UQTR (3-0) / 80 / (-)
5. Saint Mary's (1-0) / 78 / (-)
6. Brock (4-0) / 77 / (-)
7. Lakehead (3-0-1) / 76 / (-)
8. McGill (2-0) / 61 / (-)
9. UBC (3-0-1) / 40 / (-)
10. Waterloo (3-0-1) / 33 / (-)


Eric said...

It's interesting to see that 1 voter did not chose UNB - still amazes me someone has to be different.

USask will have to fix the bus if they're ever going to climb into the top 10. They're losing games they never did last year.

Alberta is not a clear #2.

UQTR, SMU, Brock and LKD are all within 4 points - no clear leader here until we get some more games in.

Great to see someone else from CW step up in UM.

Perfect split in points is
170, 153, 136, 119, 102, 85, 68, 51, 34 - 17.

Eric said...

Oh BTW, the voter who skipped over UNB for first - ranked them 5th. They believe there are 4 other teams better. Don't think so. E.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

I'd be willing to bet a lot of money that the person who put Brock 1st and UNB 5th is from the St. Catharines area...

David Kilfoil said...

My guess is that he didn't do all of his homework, and just ranked teams on their conference records, no matter if some OUA and CW teams have played for conference games. He also probably ignored who the opponents were, and who was home or on the road.

In that case, his top 5 might have been something like:
Brock 4-0
UQTR 3-0
Alberta 3-0-1
Manitoba 4-1-1
UNB 2-0

Or something like that. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, they'll probably be more aligned with everyone else next time when they realize how out of sync they are ... I hope.

Anonymous said...

Well we all know these rankings are pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things anyways..

Squirrel Forever said...

Four simple reasons why UNB is ranked #1 in the first poll...

1. Defending National Champions
2. 8-0-1 in the preseason, the only loss coming against an AHL team, and THREE of those wins were against NCAA teams
3. In the two regular season games so far, they have scored 19 goals while allowing only 3. (+16)

and #4

the coaches and media across the CIS know that UNB is stacked with talent.

My two cents.

Anonymous said...

Are the rankings supposed to be based on conference records only...or are they also supposed to take into account preseason and non-conference records as well?

http://twitter.com/UNBVREDS2010FAN said...

A twitter I made to express my views on UNB hockey, sorry to seem as if I'm copying you here :p

David Ritchie said...

Interesting question about the exact criteria behind these national rankings, which bottom-line, don't really mean much. Like one of the posts suggested, the voter who picked Brock first was obviously looking at conference statistics. Others might consider a team's exhibition schedule. Don't forget, UNB beat McGill and Brock during the pre-sesaon. So that has to count for something, I would suspect? Not really sure the relevance of games vs. NCAA schools? So many variables involved with those matchups although a lot of AUS schools are playing games against those teams now.