Wednesday, October 28, 2009

V-Reds Grind Out Road Win

It's becoming an annual tradition - the V-Reds roll into the LBR and find themselves tied late in the game knowing the next team to score wins.  In November of 2008 it was Justin Dacosta. In January of 2008 it was David Bowman.  In January 2007 it was Brad Efthimiou.  (In November of 2005 the teams even skated to a 3-3 tie back when ties existed.)  In October of 2009, John Scott Dickson scored the game winner in OT to send the good guys home happy with a sloppy, but hard fought 2-1 road victory over STU.  Taylor Procyshen scored the first UNB goal.

-Update at 10/29/2009 - Bruce Hallihan provides his recap in Thursday's edition of the Daily Gleaner.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that STU goalie is pretty much as good as advertised. If only he could score too, then STU might be a real threat in the AUS this year. At least they might make this playoffs this year if that guy can steal enough games.

Eric said...

He got them the extra point tonight didn't he! Without him, it wouldn't have been close.

With a good weekend, and SMU only playing one game, STU could be in second place by Monday.

If they hadn't blown the SFX game, they'd be in second today.

And to think, Nipissing is 9th in the rankings - STU will probably get some votes next week based on this and if they can get 3-4 points out of their road trip - who would have thought.

Anonymous said...

I'm not discounting Lavigne's effort but I personally don't think that UNB fired a lot of high quality shots tonight. With the puck bouncing the way it was, I found that UNB's shots just weren't finding the mark as they normally tend to do. I was more impressed with the defensive game that STU played. Yes, they gave up 40 shots but to limit UNB the way they did on the PP, that to me was as equally impressive as Lavigne.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the previous post. Lavigne certainly played well although his roaming tendencies might backfire from time to time. But it was the way the Tommies clogged up the middle and really allowed just the one shot on every sequence that really stood out tonight. Lavigne only had to stop that first shot and more often than not, the Tommies would clear the zone. Thought Dulle really played well until that questionable penalty late in the game which almost cost the Tommies. Scoring might be an issue for STU against really talented teams but Lavigne gives them a chance to win every night. All in all, a good, solid effort for the Tommies, moreso, too, that they didn't any stupid penalties.