Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AUS Pool - Week 5 Standings

The AUS Pool standings for week 5 have been updated. Barney continues to mock the inferior AUS pool-pickery skills of the rest of us, but a few new challengers are making a run for him. You will notice that only 8 points separates the top 10 this week…


1 - Barney - 154
T2 - Fan of the Vreds - 151
T2 - THE BIKER GANG! - 151
5 - cmd - 150
T6 - Ken C - 148
T6 - Stephanie - 148
T6 - Megan - 148
T9 - Section 5’er - 147
T9 - Marian Tremblay - 147

The complete standings can be viewed at the AUS Pool Page.

Of course, if you missed any of last week’s action check out David Kilfoil's weekly recap over at the CIS Blog.

As always, if you notice any mistakes, please let us know by sending us an e-mail, so we can verify and make any necessary corrections.


PAPPY34 said...

When will jeff lee be playing?

Eric said...

Probably after Christmas at the Pete Kelly Cup and UMaine.

I beleive they want to be absolutely sure he is eligable academically (he left Alasaka in the middle of the season) and athletically (he played 2 games in the AHL last season).