Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AUS Mid-Season Report Card Up At The CIS Blog

Be sure to check out David Kilfoil's mid-season AUS report card over at the CIS Blog.  A few scores might generate some controversy, but it's hard to argue with the relative rankings. As is typical in the AUS, a few more weeks of action would probably change things a bit.


Anonymous said...

Anyone have any thoughts on whether UNB will be adding any players during the Christmas break?

Eric said...

I can't see that being a good idea with the depth they have. I think you can say that Jeff Lee is a mid-season addition (which has shuffled the lines a bit already). I don't think UNB needs anyone else right now going into the second half.

The only issues right now are the health of Harty and Kidd on D and Procyshen and Seymor on F and overall team momentum going into the second half (UoT will not be much of a game, but UM will be a good test).

Someone on HFBoards pointed out that the #1 seed asn't done very well at Nationals. This is true. UNB has gone to Nationals twice as #1, they won gold in '98 and silver in '07. Overall, the #1 has won 3 of 12 since the two pool idea started (Alberta being the other team twice in a row at home).

Eric said...

...the #1 has appeared in the finals 5 times in 12 trys with a record of 3-2.