Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coach Keeps Pushing Team To Win Each Game

In today's Daily Gleaner, David Ritchie writes about whether or not Coach MacDougall might take the foot off the gas pedal a bit in the last part of the season. Not very likely.

He also gets MacDougall to talk a bit about the roster size. Carrying one more player than last season had some fans worried this year, but so far its proved useful just by creating their own competition some weeks.  Some fans, like the coach, remember the 2006 AUS Finals were an injury-ravaged UNB had to try and topple AUS top-dog Acadia. This was the same series where Dustin Friesen converted from forward to defence out of necessity. While that move worked out very well for the V-Reds, Coach MacDougall doesn't want that to happen ever again.

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Anonymous said...

Hard to argue with what Coach Mac does when you consider his record. The newspaper keeps saying how great Mike Kelly was in his short time and the fact he won the nationals. but look at what MacDougall has done with a couple of silver medals plus the two championships. The big thing is how he's raised expectations to the point where people take for granted they're going to win most of their games. When people start expecting a certain level of success, that really puts the pressure on the coach. MacDougall seems to thrive in that environment. I haven't heard too many players complain about the way they're being used, but I guess winning does affect that.