Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Danton a Husky?

We had to read it a few times when we read the clip on TSN yesterday too.  He's got some eligibility left and apparently SMU is interested.  It could happen.

The last ex-NHL player to suit up in the CIS was Jared Aulin, who matched Rob Hennigar's torrent point pace a back in the 2007-08 season.  Danton was always a much different hockey player than Aulin, known more for his edgy play than his point production, but he did make the NHL, so he obviously had talent.

Judging by comments from coach Steinberg in today's Daily Gleaner, this is all but a done deal, though comments by Chris Cochrane at theChronicleHerald.ca suggest the parole issues are a bit more complex than first thought.

This is about as controversial as CIS hockey gets.  More thoughts on Danton available at the CISBlog and STUTommies.com.


Anonymous said...

So many jokes available...so little time

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid this will make a mockery of the AUS and SMU. Give your head a shake, Trevor.
Can't wait to wear my black and white striped overalls and sit behind the SMU bench.

Anonymous said...

just based on the 2 comments, the fans seem a little scared the perfect record may fall against SMU

Eric said...

I find it interestint that the media and fans have yet to ask what level of conditioning Mike is at. Can he really step in to the line-up having not played a competative game in 6 years? Going to the gym and running some laps isn't the same thing as playing in the game and the AUS isn't a 'soft' league.

I applaud SMU in accepting his application for entrance, but I would have proposed a 'wait and see' approach as to playing hockey (get him on the ice for some practices, work on the teams game plan, see where his conditioning is,etc). He could easily be cut or not make the team if his skills aren't there anymore - how does SMU word 'that' press release?

He was top calibar once, doesn't mean he's still there today.

PK said...

Whether UNB wins or loses against SMU will not come down to Mike Danton.

SMU is a talented squad that elevates its game even further against UNB.

The Danton issue is a bigger one and will see much scrutiny as it unfolds.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Personally, from a strictly hockey perspective I think it would be smarter for SMU to wait until next year to him play. Let the rest of this year be sort of a probationary period for him...let him get settled in Halifax and attend classes and see how he makes out school-wise and in that sort of environment first (although from all accounts he did fairly decent in the classes he was taking from prison). Then he will have all summer to work on his game and can start in September when everyone else does rather than trying to play catch-up half way through the season...not to mention that if he begins right away his 2 years of eligibility will only actually be 1 1/2 years as well as the fact that with UNB hosting Nationals the next two years SMU's chances of getting there is much higher than it is this year. They could have him play the full two years the AUS will have an extra spot at the University Cup.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with UNB Bruins Fan - lets see how he does in school first before letting him join the team. Give him an honest tryout and evaluation in September. I would be curious to know what courses and how many he took over his 5½ years in the pen. Perhaps 3 in 1 semester plus playing hockey would be a bit much.

Anonymous said...

UNB Bruins Fan said it perfectly. Why waste half a year of eligibility (I've heard he's got perhaps 3 years but not sure) to play a little bit in the second half. By the time he's ready to suit up, it's probably close to playoff time and is that the time to introduce him to the team and league. Let him get oriented to the school and city, practice with the team, get to know Trevor and the fine folks with the hockey program, perhaps travel with the team to get a sense of the league, and be ready to go next year.Mind you, a lot could change over the next little while.