Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Few Things To Pass Along

The fan bus trip to Maine is still a go for January 19th. The bus leaves at 3 P.M. from the AUC and will be stopping at the Governor's restaurant prior to the game. You have until January 13th to contact the organizers if you are unable to attend, otherwise your presence will be assumed. Should be a great trip.

CHSR FM will be broadcasting the game for those of you who couldn't make it on the bus. The game this evening vs UPEI will not be available on CHSR though, so try catching it on the UPEI Panther's webcast instead.

The Globe and Mail recently had an article on CIS hockey, complete with a great shot of John Scott Dickson mauling a Golden Bear player. It's good to see CIS get mentioned by one of Canada's largest media sources, but it has created a bit of discussion among CIS fans, as some feel the article has missed the point. For a few other perspectives, check out David Kilfoil's comments on the CIS Blog, and visit Always OUA.

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