Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AUS Pool - Final Results

The AUS hockey pool results for the final week of the AUS season are in, and we have our winner.  Congratulations to Fan of the Vreds, our winner with 352 points.  He is the supreme AUS poolie, owner of bragging rights, and envy of all. Incidentally, if you were to pick the "best team" possible given the selections, you would have ended up with 390 points.

Runner up was cmd with 341 points.  

We have a few prizes to distribute, including some tickets to a few games next season and a pair of playoff tickets courtesy of the Varsity Reds.  The winners will be contacted accordingly.

The top 10 standings are as follows:

1 - Fan of the Vreds -352
2 - cmd - 341
3 - MATT JOHNSON - 337
4 - THE BIKER GANG! - 334
5 - Ken C - 331
6 - Barney - 330
7 - Stephanie - 329
8 - Section 5'er - 326
10 - pickace - 322

The complete standings can be viewed at the AUS Pool Page.

We're confident about the winner, but as always, if you notice any mistakes, please let us know by sending us an e-mail, so we can verify and make any necessary corrections.

Congrats to the winners and all the top 10 and thanks to all who participated this year.  We hope you had fun.  Finally, a big thanks to "Drummer" for his help maintaining the AUS pool page. 


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Fan of the Vreds.
38 points away from a 'perfect' season. Nice work.
And thanks to for hosting a very entertaining pool - always looked forward to the weekly results.
There's always next year, eh Sorry, but I could't help notice the similarities in the finishing positions!!


Anonymous said...

woo hoo....33rd haha. I dont know why I picked Rancourt over Tremblay and why i picked Derek Yeomans at all and Kyle Doucet and Procyshen was hurt. Oh well, all in good fun.

~Tommies Video Guy~