Thursday, February 25, 2010

Game on, CHSR to "Pass the Can"

If there was any doubt about the weather delaying the series start, you can forget it.  In today's Daily Gleaner, Bruce Hallihan explains that the X-Men arrived last night and are ready to run with the "underdog" label.   Game on.

Also, just a heads-up that CHSR FM Radio (UNB/STU's not-for-profit campus radio station) will be doing their annual "Pass the Can" fund raising tonight.  CHSR of course covers many of V-Reds hockey games which we can all enjoy free of charge.  They've been broadcasting STU's women's hockey as well recently.  Let's not forget that this comes at a cost, both in dollars and time from volunteers like "the Daves" and others.  Please consider donating any amount when you see the can tonight.


David Ritchie said...

I hope fans appreciate the commitment CHSR brings to covering university hockey. Through people like station manager MaryAnne Harrison and Tritis Ward before her and program director Tom Richmond and all the people involved with shows who are pre-empted from time to time with the hockey broadcasts, the station is able to keep fans closely connected with their university teams. It's a pleasure to volunteer with such a great group of people, and to contribute to the promotion of university hockey in any way we can. The fans who tune in are why we do it, and when we go to the various venues around the league, we're amazing by the passionate people who truly love this level of the game. How can you argue when you've got student-athletes giving it their all both on and off the ice. What great role models these people are? And support people like Eric Drummie and Ken Critchley who contribute with their web-sites and statistical recording, only make the experience of being involved even more gratifying. As somebody who knows how tight the dollars are, any support you guys can give to Pass the Can night for CHSR is greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your support and for listening to V-Reds Hockey. You guys are great!!!!

Steven C. said...

I think that all of us who follow the V-Reds when they are on the road would like to say thanks for the CHSR broadcasts, and the guys who make it happen.

Thanks Dave and Dave!

Anonymous said...

i agree thx guys for a job well done...iceman :)

Eric said...

Is the game on the radio or are there some technical glitchs? I'm getting music instead of 'The 2 Daves'? Thanks.