Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playoffs Start While UNB Waits

The AUS playoffs start this evening in Halifax and PEI.  Round 1 is a best of 3 series.  UNB and Acadia will meet the winners, with UNB playing the lowest remaining seed in the conference.

In the meantime, check out the AUS's story on Chris Culligan, notice of which was sent to us by Squirrel H8TR.  Thanks.

Also, over at the CIS Blog, David Kilfoil takes a stab at guessing who will be on the AUS All-Star teams.   There's already some healthy debate on a few of them.


David Kilfoil said...

Btw, tickets for UNB's opener next Thursday (Feb. 25) are on sale now at the AUC box office. 12 bucks for adults and 4 bucks for students.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any preferences on which team they'd rather see UNB play in the 2nd round?