Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Respect the Opponent

In today's Daily Gleaner, David Ritchie reaches into the NHL archives to provide a history lesson about heavily favoured teams in the playoffs.  UNB is going into a series vs STFX as the overwhelming favourite  in some people's eyes.  But any chance of UNB being overconfident against this very capable opponent evapourated with the ambitions of a perfect season on Feb. 12.  That was the loss a lot of fans were secretely hoping for to put a bit of fear back into the team.  We'll soon find out if there's any merit to those thoughts. 

Does anyone believe that the X-Men players have surrendered themselves to the idea of losing?  No chance! 

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Anonymous said...

I'm an older fan so can relate to the Bruins losing to Montreal back in that year. Hated the Canadiens with such a passion that it broke my heart when they beat Chicago in the final that year. Seems to me that was the last year Bobby Hull played in the NHL. Didn't he move to the World Hockey Association the next year? And fellow oldtimers like me know, the next fall they played the series between Canada and the Russians. One of the all-time great events in the history of hockey.