Wednesday, February 10, 2010

UNB Men’s Hockey Individual Milestones and Records

Hunter Tremblay

With two games to go in the 2009‐10 regular season, Hunter Tremblay leads the AUS in points (51), is tied for first in goals (22), is tied for second in assists (29), leads in game winning goals (8), leads in shorthanded goals (5), is in fifth place for power play goals (7), leads in shots on goal (111) and is tied for first place in the AUS with Ben Shutron for plus/minus (+26).

In his three year career so far with UNB, Tremblay now has 151 regular season points, putting him in fourth place all time, just 6 points back of Toby Burkitt in third place. When you add in playoffs (including the University Cup) Tremblay has 166 career UNB points which is good enough for fifth among all time UNB leaders. Next ahead of him is Jeff Andrews with 169 points. His 51 points this season is the sixth best single season ever at UNB; Todd Sparks is one better with 52 points in 1994‐95 and Sid Veysey is two better with 53 points in 1979‐80. The best UNB season ever is Robbie Forbes with 66 points in 1984‐85.

Tremblay reached the 150 point mark faster than any other UNBer (79 games). Tremblay is the first UNB player to have 50 point seasons in three consecutive years.

Tremblay's 22 goals this season has him tied for tenth place with Derek Cormier (1994‐95) and Peter MacKellar (1997‐98) for most in a season. While more of a playmaker, Hunter’s 52 career regular season goals to date put him in 11th place all time at UNB, just one goal back of Vaughn Porter. Add in playoffs (including Nationals) and his career goal total climbs to 58 goals, good enough for 12th place already, just one goal back of Ryan Walsh.

Tremblay’s 29 assists this season have him tied with several UNB players for 14th best performance in a season. In his three season regular season career to date as a V‐Red Hunter has 99 assists, which puts him in second place all time. Rob Hennigar holds the record with 121 career assists. When you add in playoffs, including the University Cup, Tremblay’s assist count grows to 108, which is the third best total at UNB, and 4 assists behind Jeff Andrews.

John Scott Dickson

With two games to go John Scott Dickson is third in the AUS points race (38), tied for fourth place for goals (17), tied for 8th place for assists (21), tied for second in game winning goals (4), tied for second in power play goals (10), and is tied for fourth in the AUS with Jonathan Harty for plus/minus (+17).

In five seasons with UNB John Scott has 126 career regular season points, putting him in 11th place all time and just two points behind Mark Jeffrey. When you add in playoffs (including the University Cup) Dickson has 156 career UNB points, good enough so far for 8th place all time, just a point back of Trevor Boland and Todd Sparks.

Dickson has 76 career regular season assists at UNB, which puts him at 12th place all time, just one assist behind Todd Sparks. Add in playoffs including Nationals and Dickson climbs to 95 career assists, putting him in fifth place all‐time at UNB.

While starting after Christmas his first year affected Dickson’s total games played in five seasons, when you add in playoffs and Nationals he has played 144 games so far in the Red ‘n Black, just one game less than Brian Stewart in tenth place.

Ben Shutron

Ben Shutron's 24 assists so far this season ties him for 8th place among rookies with Dave Bluteau (1979‐80) and also ties him with Bluteau for the second most assists by a rookie defenceman. Kelly Reed is tops among rookie UNB d‐men with 28 assists in 1992‐93.

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Steven C. said...

Great job Dave, I had most of these ready for my weekend previews, you beat me to it! :)

David Kilfoil said...

Well I wanted to get this stuff out before the weekend games ...

Both games this weekend are going to be on Rogers TV. The Friday game will be simulcast on CHSR-FM and hopefully we won't have any audio glitches ...

PK said...

Nice to see names like Robbie Forbes, Derek Cormier et al...they were great offensive players.

Cormier was in my mind as exciting as any, he could have had huge numbers if he played longer. He almost reminded me of a European - which is where he went on to play.

To be mentioned amongst those guys is a tribute to how good an offensive player Tremblay is - but he has shown to be a very well-rounded player the last few years, he is far from one-dimensional.

David Ritchie said...

Agree wholeheartily with the previous post. For my money, Derek Cormier was the single most exciting player to watch. Loved it when he got on that big and fast ice at Acadia. He'd be flying all over the place. And for a smallish fellow (not tall at least), he was very tough to knock off his feet. Very strong on his skates. Joe Gerbe was also another guy who could really wheel. Didn't always know what he was going to do with the puck, but it was fun watching him carry the puck up ice. The thing which makes Tremblay so good is is all-around game. He's consistent, plays smart defence and is obviously dangerous around the net. Kyle Bailey's ability to rush the puck is similar to what Gerbe brought although Bailey's got a much more well-rounded game to be sure. Great guy to watch.

David Ritchie said...

Just to let you guys know. The Friday game vs. St.FX will be broadcast on CHSR-FM as normal..Rogers TV is also doing the game with Jeff Robichaud and Will Burrow I believe...technical issues with simulcasting. the Dal game is also on Rogers but not CHSR...