Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Huskies Win 2nd Straight AUS Title

Congratulations to the SMU Huskies who completed the sweep of STFX to claim a second straight AUS championship.  SMU will be the lone representative from the AUS at CIS Nationals in Thunder Bay next week.

Switching gears, for the curious, Robert Touchie writes about former V-Red Chris Hodgson's transition to football in today's Daily Gleaner.  Freak, indeed.


Eric said...

Congrats to SMU, but you have to wonder what might have been - you have a 4-0 record aginst them(SMU) and 3-1 against their opponent(X), frastrating to say the least that they(UNB) aren't there.

Not to mention 2-0 against McGill (early in the year). A win over UMan 3 years ago (not much to compare but a confidence builder for the Seniors on the team), a pair of wins over UQTR last season and a 6-0 win at Natioanls in '07. A win over LKD and ALB at last year's nationsl. Really - the domnios where lining up well.

Eric said...

Lots of UNBers in the AUS Awards Press Release today.

Hunter - MVP
Gardiner - Coach of the Year
Bailey - Godfrey Award

First Team
D – Luke Gallant, UNB
F – Hunter Tremblay, UNB
F – John Scott Dickson, UNB
G – Kristofer Westblom, ACD
D – Andrew Hotham, SMU
F – Marc Rancourt, SMU

Second team all-stars:
G – Travis Fullerton, UNB
D – Bretton Stamler, UNB
D – David MacDonald, SMU
F – Bryce Swan, StFX
F – Jonathan Laberge, ACD
F – Cody Thornton, SMU

All-rookie team:
F – Chris Culligan, UNB
D – Ben Shutron, UNB
G – Neil Conway, SMU
D – Nick Pageau, StFX
F – Jared Gomes, UPEI
F – Spencer Jezegou, ACD

I think Chris is a better forward then Gomes (only +1 versus Chris at +14), but the voters may think he was broght along by Hunter and JS.

Great to see JS a first-team player.

David Ritchie said...

Hard to argue with any of those choices. I might have taken Andrew Clark of Acadia or Spencer McAvoy of X on the all-rookie team, but the guys they did take all did well. Like Eric says, good to see John Scott Dickson get rewarded for being such a great all-around player. It was obvious he wasn't quite right in the post-season. Unfortunately since it was his last opportunity. But he's a two-time national champion so I'm sure he appreciates his time at UNB.

Bill Hunt said...

Let's not play the "what might have been" game. It is what it is. Good luck to SMU. Hopefully they play the hockey they're capable of playing and hold the brand of the AUS high.

archie jones said...

Jared Gomes had a very good year with PEI as did several other rookies but I was surprised by his selection as Rookie of the year.

UNB had 2 very worthy candidates in Chris Culligan and Ben Shutron and that may have hurt them in the voting.

Culligan played well enough to earn the 1st line center position on the #1 ranked team in CIS and helped both John Scott and Hunter earn 1st All Star Awards. He won almost 58% of his faceoffs, accumulated 32 points including 2 short handed goals and was a +14. He played a big role in both UNB's #1 ranked power play and #1 ranked penalty kill and probably received top 4 forward ice time on a very very strong team. Detractors suggest he might have got points by playing with John Scott and Hunter but I'm pretty sure both players would give Culligan a lot of credit for their success. It's too bad voters seem to look only at raw numbers.

However, having said all that about Chris Culligan I think Ben Shutron was every bit as deserving. It is probably tougher to break into the AUS just like the CHL as a defenceman than as a forward so what Ben accomplished is exceptional. He had 27 points without playing on the 1st unit power play during the regular season and was a league best +27.

Also of note both these rookies kept up their level of play during the all too short playoffs. They both had a goal and an assist and were +1 in the X series.

Anonymous said...

hey,this thread is about smu winning title,not unb award night....keep it on track.

archie jones said...

I apologize for continuing the "off trackness" but I just followed the lead of others before me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this blog is about UNB not SMU...keep it on track

Anonymous said...

I would suggest the previous post lighten up. This is all about university hockey in the Atlantic region and promoting it. I will be rooting SMU on at the nationals and I know a lot of other fans throughout the region will be doing so as well.