Thursday, April 1, 2010

Planning For Nationals Well Under Way

Bill Hunt reports a few interesting tidbits of information in today's Daily Gleaner.  First, it looks as though some important information about ticket prices for the event will be revealed by the first week of May.  Second, UNB staff acknowledges that there is some debate over the tournament format for 2010-2011, but it appears they expect the status quo to remain for at least the first year. 

UNB Athletics Director Kevin Dickie made an interesting comment about leaving "some physical legacy type things" at the Aitken Centre.  For those of you who weren't around back in 2003-04, the current scoreboard over centre ice was one of the physical legacies left behind from the first time UNB hosted Nationals.  Prior to that the older style, small, flat boards at the ends of the rink were used.  UNB also did a lot of work to enhance the look inside the Aitken Centre, particularly the promenade area.  This time around, most people will probably be happy if the only physical legacy thing is another banner hanging from the rafters.


Anonymous said...

Any ideas on what the upgrades will be??

Eric said...

They also got a second Zamboni.

I like idea of a semi-final round, it would certainly remove the chance of non-games on Saturday and setup a
potential rematch between common pool teams.

Obvioulsy, as stated in the article, it would extend the tournament by two days but they already lose the week - may as well use Mon/Tue for something useful.

Sun - Final
Sat - Semi
Fri - off
Thu - Day 3
Wed - Day 2
Tue - Day 1
Mon - Pract. & Awards
Sun - Travel
- or -
Mon - Final
Sun - Semi
Sat - off
Fri - Day 3
Thu - Day 2
Wed - Day 1
Tue - Pract. & Awards
Mon - Travel

Eric said...

The press box needs some improvements as well as bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

If you're taking the Friday off, I suspect that's when they'll have the banquet/awards ceremonies...that way, you would still have plenty of momentum heading into the weekend games and the teams wouldn't be stuck in the 3 games in 3 nights schedudling...but like eric, you'd have to start on the tuesday since you've got the 2 three-team divisions. You could go with one six team division and play 3 games on each of wednesday and thursday, but you'd have to figure out a fair way of matching up the teams during the round-robin..that might be tricky

Anonymous said...

ya the bathrooms need much needed attention.there usually a pig pen.maybe automatic lifting seats seeing where the public doesnt know how to lift one and automatic flushing seeing where the pigs dont know how to flush...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Extend the lobby out to incorporate the Box Office,remove the existing box office and fill in the bowl to accomodate more seating.This would give the Aitken Center a capacity of over 4,000. The Colter room to be removed or transformed into a few Corporate boxes.