Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UNB Announces Ticket Info For 2011 CIS Nationals

Big thanks to David Kilfoil for passing along highlights from this afternoon's press conference:

Cavendish Farms is back as the title sponsor. The Home Depot will be a presenting partner. They've been doing a lot with UNB hockey locally and are stepping up for the University Cup.

Seven members of the successful steering committee for the 2003 and 2004 University Cups in Fredericton are back. The co-chairs are Roger Shannon and Lloyd Henderson.

Tickets: Current season ticket holders get first crack starting June 1. Package #1 is an all-events (varsity sports) season pass (excludes playoffs), plus the University Cup and will be $250. Season ticket holders also can buy one (1) extra University Cup pass for $125.

New season tickets go on sale June 16. If you don't want Nationals, then it is only $150 (package #2).

Package #3, for the seven games at the University Cup, go on sale to the general public on July 15 and will be $140 across the board (no discount for seniors or students).

UNB makes no bones that they want to use Nationals to increase their season ticket base. It is highly doubtful that there will be any tickets left for single games, as the only ones in 2003 and 2004 were the visiting team allotments that were given back to the box office.

UNB student prices for the all-inclusive Packge #1, (all UNB events, and Nationals) is $160.

The all-event pass without Nationals, will be $35 for students. Playoffs are extra. Doesn't include Pete Kelly Cup either.

There is another change for this season. The Mark Jeffrey game will now be $5 for EVERYONE, students and Joe Public, and NO passes will be honoured. All revenue of course will go to the scholarship fund just as always, except everyone pays to get into the game, and everyone pays the same amount - $5.

Additional information about the event chairpersons, sponsors and the logo can be found at the official V-Reds site

Update:  Bill Hunt provides coverage on press conference in Thursday's Daily Gleaner

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Anonymous said...

Although this is interesting info and I appreciate the updates on Nats, why dont we get some personal opinion stuff going while we are in the off season. Ex. All time UNB team, best memory, etc. Think it would be fun to see what ppl think about UNB past and present.