Monday, August 16, 2010

V-Reds Announce First Recruit of 2010-2011

Rumours have been out there for some time now, but this morning the V-Reds announced the addition of Nick MacNeil to the team.  Standing 6'4 and weighing 215lbs, his big frame will be a welcome addition in front of the opposing goalie on the power-play, where he has lots of experience from his time with the QMJHL's Cape Breton Screaming Eagles.

Nick served as team captain in Cape Breton, and recently was awarded the QMJHL's "Humanitarian of the Year Award" for his community efforts.  Nick will be studying Business this fall.

The V-Reds also formally confimed that they will be traveling to Calgary on September 15th. 

Visit the official V-Reds website for the press release.

Welcome to UNB, Nick.

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Anonymous said...

IMO, Nick will prove to be a very welcome addition to UNB's lineup... especially its PP. Welcome aboard, Nick.