Sunday, September 19, 2010

V-Reds 6, Dinos 1. Alberta trip complete

The V-Reds are coming home with three wins in three games, combined score of 22-5, combined shots 108-47.

Hunter Tremblay once again was a catalyst on the offence, with three goals, including a short-handed marker, his second in two nights. Also scoring for the V-Reds were Gallant, Layton, and Culligan.

The big question mark is Ben Shutron, who was carried off on a stretcher after taking a boarding hit from Eric Frere at 1:52 of the first period. He was moving when he was taken off, so hopefully he is ok.

The game summary can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Any word on Shutron's condition?

Anonymous said...

No word on Ben Fuckin Shutron?

David Kilfoil said...

Apparently Ben Shutron is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow for his leg injury. He stayed behind in Calgary while the rest of the team flew in Moncton and should be back in Fredericton around 6:30.

Anonymous said...

he broke his femur

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the hit? Was it a cheap shot or just an unfortunate accident?

VREDFAN88 said...

with a broken femur, you wonder weather Ben will be back this season?
Maybe MacD will have to pull a trick out of his sleeve if he is without Shutron for a lomg amount of time.
Makes me kind of wish Aldred was back this year, but you never know who will step up in the place of the 2 Ben's.
I wonder if Shutron dosn't return weteather Gardner will bring in a new Defenceman?

Eric said...

He's out for 3 months for sure, probably 4 - which, with good Physical Therapy, means he'd be back for the playoff run. It all depends on the break (clean or messy).

Given the the off time, not sure if I would even stay in school for the term.

Must have been a pretty crappy hit - I don't recall any UNB player in the past 20 years having to go for surgery as a result of a hit (concussions, knees, stitches, teeth - sure, but a broken femur - it's the biggest dame bone in your body). All that comes to mine was Kyle Baily's broken hand in their last game at X.

So, it just means everyone on the D moves up and Corcoran and Hepditch are now everyday players along with Stamler, Kidd, Harty and Gallant.