Wednesday, September 29, 2010

V-Reds Still Have Lots To Prove

If a few strong showings vs. the 2010 CIS finalists in recent exhibition games have the UNB faithful cheering loud and proud, Dave Ritchie's story in today's Daily Gleaner will serve as a stiff spear-to-the-ribs reminder of how horrible things went last March in the series vs. STFX.  As if you forgot.  Or needed to be reminded.  Or don't still wake up in cold sweats in middle of the night crying "six shots, six shots".  But he's right, and it's worth a read, so pick up a copy of The Daily Gleaner or visit them at the link above.


Anonymous said...

UNB's defense needs to start using the slap pass and one-timers this year. It forces the goalie to move around and it is hard for the opposing defense to block. St. Mary's has used these tools to their advantage. Hepditch made a nice slap pass to Bailey for a deflection goal in the Guelph game.

Anonymous said...

UNB's players sometimes seem to forget they need to play defence too! While they have a solid group of D and F, they get caught up in their high-tempo game and while they don't allow a lot of chances, the ones they do are dangerous - quite often between the circles in their own end.