Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First CIS Top 10 Rankings of 2010-2011 Released

With the first week of the AUS out of the way, the CIS has released it's Top 10 Rankings.  UNB came in at #3, no doubt judged by its exhibition play against Alberta, SMU, and the NCAA teams more so than it's lackluster performance at UPEI last weekend.  We're guessing few V-Reds fans find this ranking unfair, and perhaps a few would argue it's a bit generous.  Surprisingly, UNB did earn more first place votes than either McGill or Alberta. 

STFX, SMU, and undefeated UdeM also represent the AUS in the Top 10 at 4, 5, and 7 respectively. 

Here's how the rankings look in the first media poll (1st place votes in brackets):

1. Alberta (3-1-0) / 159 pts (2)
2. McGill (4-0-0) / 139 (6)
3. UNB (1-1-0) / 116 (7)
4. StFX (2-0-0) / 107
5. Saint Mary’s (1-1-0) / 91 (2)
6. Saskatchewan (2-2-0) / 59
7. Moncton (2-0-0) / 49
8. Ryerson (4-1-0) / 43
9. Manitoba (1-1-0) / 41
10. Western Ontario (2-0-1) / 38

The Top 10 press release is availale at the official CIS website, with additonal commentary provided over at the CIS Blog


Big Bad Jon said...

7 first place votes and a mile behind Alberta (who only had 2 first place votes)...looks like some voters probably only looked at first 2 regular season games and had UNB way down in their rankings.

Not sure if my math is right, but looks like 17 first place votes...so UNB got 70 points from 1st place votes, leaving 46 points from the remaining 10 voters. So, on average if the voter didn't have UNB first, they were voted in 5-6 place on average.

I wish voters would do some research.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Yeah I know it doesn't really matter that much (especially this early) but I have no idea how anyone could have ranked Alberta ahead of UNB.

UNB had the much better pre-season (including the blowout win in Edmonton which, it seems, was lost on some voters) but even if you take into account regular season games only I think UNB's two games (a loss against a middle pack team and a blowout win against a bottom feeder) were better than Uof A's (a loss and win against a UBC team that most think will finish last in CW).

I guess we shouldn't be surprised...after all, Brock received a first place vote in the first poll last season....

David Kilfoil said...

Well the first Top 10 release had two #1 votes for Saskatchewan, and one for Moncton. The later one, with the story, had one #1 vote for Moncton and none for Saskatchewan.

That means there was 18 voters this week, or 11 who didn't vote UNB #1. So UNB got 70 points from the #1 votes and 46 points in total from 11 other voters, or an average of 4.18.

In other words, 7 voters had UNB ranked #1 and 11 voters had UNB ranked on average between 6th and 7th.

Interesting split ...

Eric said...

Yeah - I noticed the release changed, it had 20 voters the first time, now 18. Regardless, almost 1/2 the voters selected UNB first (the more knowledgeable voters) and the remaining went quickly through the standings and placed UNB at 6-7-8.

(116/18 = 6.4 or spots 4-5)
but we know that 7 votes were for 1st leaving...
(46/11 = 4.18 or spot 6-7)

Alberta gets top spot because of always being everyone's #2-3 pick mainly because they are tied for first in the West and we are 'middle of the pack' in the AUS.

A bit of a raw deal, but then they really don't mean anything - that's why we play the games.

Doesn't give you a lot of confidence in the committee if most are spending just 10 mins looking at standings.

Anonymous said...

So is there a reason that a broken system like this with what seems like a broken committee can decide the initial rankings at a National Championship?

Time for the cis to look at this, and if they plan on continuing with a committee, make sure they are qualified and interested.

Anonymous said...

When you see more than one or two OUA schools in rankings you know they are irrelevant anyways. Let the dreamers dream.

Rankings make for great debate and fodder but at end of day, you still gotta play the game on the ice.

I would rather not be ranked all year and win the Cup, rather than what happened last year :-).

Anonymous said...

just a question,where can we check the pool standings thx....

UNBhockeyfans.com said...

Pool results will be up likely later today in some form or another - week 1 requires about 90% of the admin/technical work of running the pool, and admittedly I have been behind. Thanks for your patience.

Ken @ unbhockeyfans.com