Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Todd Update

In today's Daily Gleaner, Bill Hunt confirms our worst fears - Daine Todd is out for the season, possibly longer.  This is a huge blow to the V-Reds who already have an all-star line on the DL.  There are few players in the AUS with Todd's combination of playmaking, speed, and scoring.  More important, this must be a terribly difficult time for the student-athlete himself, who may now be forced to decide if he can continue to play the game he loves.

Our best wishes go out to Daine Todd for a speedy recovery.  As for the V-Reds, let's hope the team rallies for their fallen comrade.


Anonymous said...

I wish you well in your recovery Mr. Todd. Don't worry about the V-Reds, worry about getting yourself better.

Anonymous said...

I wish Daine a speedy recover. Always gives it his all on the ice.