Friday, November 26, 2010

Axemen Hold Off V-Reds

The Acadia Axemen were 3-2 winners on home ice against the V-Reds Friday night.  UNB got goals from Bailey and MacNeil but couldn't score more than twice.  Travis Fullerton took the loss in net.  UNB will hold on to first place in the AUS for the time being with their 10-3 record.

There's no time for dwelling on this loss, as the team will look to rebound when they visit the Dalhousie Tigers tomorrow night in Halifax.


DNS said...

How do like that UNB? Knocked you down a peg and the Axemen looked good last night. Where was Mr. UNBHockey last night, he wasn't in the press box. The team lock you in the bus bathroom again spaz?

Big Bad Jon said...

Wow, calm down DNS. Ever since we lost the opening game of the year (and the undefeated season was gone), UNB fans care about 3 games and all of those are in March. It is just a matter of building team chemistry and trying to ensure everyone is healthy come march (hence not trying to bring back injured players too quickly). So enjoy your win last night; UNB fans don't mind if we only win the AUS regular season by 5 points.

Varsity Maniac said...


I have always had such great respect for faceless people who use the anonymity of the internet to personally attack supporters of other teams. What Dave has selflessly done in support of his favorite team over the years is likely unmatched anywhere else in the CIS. Just another great reason as to why UNB has had such a strong program over the years. There is much more to a good team than just athletes and coaches.

As far as I know, this is a website for fans of UNB hockey. I support free and open debate as much as anyone, but intentionally being a complete ignoramous is a little childish. Just the fact that you would even log onto this site and throw around such negative drivel is very indicative of the envy you so obviously feel.

Now I for one, not wishing to be similarly seen as a compete coward, will add my name to this post.

- Carl Burgess

Bill Hunt said...

Cheap, cheap shot. Mr. UNB Hockey devotes his time, on a volunteer basis, to keep fans of the team and the program informed.
Broadcasts by he and his partner -- I know them both and consider them friends -- are done on their own time, without compensation. They bring a level of professionalism and commitment to the AUS that few can, or care to match.
You should be so lucky to have fans like that in Wolfville. Congrats to the Axemen (and the Tigers too, as I post this after their win over UNB), but to be fair, UNB is missing four front line forwards for an extended period of time, and it's beginning to take its toll. Still a good team, but missing Todd, Procyshn, Lee and Campbell scrambles all the lines. Good teams having good nights are going to beat them.
I believe you owe Mr. UNB Hockey an apology in the same forum where you trashed him...although somehow, I don't believe that will happen...